Jan 27 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Big Hamster Move: 2009-01-27

Yesterday and today Diana and I have been moving the hamsters from my house to her house, and the crab of course. We just have Hamtaro and Rommy left, yesterday we got all their treats and shavings etc, and Remmy and Steve. Remmy seems to be settling alright, he hasn't really been running, but that's nothing new. He seems to need to be excited before he will run, he won't run in his cage but when we let him out he runs as much as Rommy. Because of this we have taken to letting him out about twice as much as the other hamsters.

We are moving them because although we've asked Mom on many occasions, she has yet to stop smoking in the house, although she has cut down. As well she lets the house go down to 58 Celsius when we're not home, as well as at night, and we feel this is too cold for the hamsters. Also I tend to think this is all a ploy by Diana to try to get me to move out with her.

School is going alright, though I'm feeling tired of it, can't wait until the first year is over. I would like to work more right now, money is always so tight and I would really like to save more money for a house right now, and to save more money I need to make more money.

EDIT: I have finished moving the cages now, everyone seems to be doing good. I got a new crab, Apollo, not sure how he's getting along with Peter right now. Peter has been trying to stay in the corner and out of Apollo's way, I'm hoping they can get along but it's not looking that way. I am also concerned Rommy and Remmy don't run enough, but that could just be because they are males. I would like to get them second cages, but money is tight and might need new crab cage first, as I think I might have to separate them. I am hoping I don't because I was told they are social animals and are happy in groups, but it's not looking that way.

EDIT 2: I woke up this morning and Peter was on his back, Apollo was beside him. I noticed a few times in the night Peter was clawing at the walls, I think to get out. We put Apollo in a new cage this morning, utilizing an old recycling bin, tonight we plan to place him in a new bigger tank with Peter, and hopefully they can get along.

EDIT 3: I have since gotten a new home for the crabs, a 10 gallon fish tank. They seemed to like it, and didn't fight at all. They now have a lot more room to roam and dig, and Peter seems to have dug himself in somewhere on his first night. We got them some special peat that they seem to love along with the crab gravel. We also got Remmy a new home since his old one seems to have been destroyed, this one is different than the one we normally get and is two stories. Everything is now going well with all the pets.

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