May 21 2012 - Aug 11 2013

Basement Flooded Again: 2012-05-21

Friday after I got home from work I came home and the basement was flooded, from the big storm that we had received that night. I had pressure sprayed the floors at work, so already had dealt with enough water for one evening. We locked the cats out of the basement/expansion for a few days while we cleaned up. Luckily there was no sewage, just rain water and soil, lots of soil. Her brother Steve came over and helped hose everything down, and the neighbours lent us their high powered fan to dry everything out. Had to throw a few things away, the water had come in rather quickly and knocked several things over, including my bin of stuffed animals. We washed the animals and they are okay, the smell didn't linger. We bleached everywhere and just washed everything all weekend. We didn't put anything back down besides the litters as we will have to move it all anyway when they do the basement. The litters were probably the worst, as they are clumping, the whole thing clumped inside the litter bin, making it very hard to get out. This happened to most of the litter bins, so I had to scrape them all out with a gloved hand.

Shadow's chin is getting worse again. We have been trying to clean the dishes daily, and wash her chin daily, but we just can't be rid of it. It looks like it's starting to hurt her, so we might take her back to the vet soon.

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