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Across The Universe Movie Giveaway : 2009-01-04

I have come into my possession an extra copy of Across The Universe DVD. I have decided the best thing to do is give it away in a contest through my site. I am going to ask a series of questions, each will be worth a set amount of points. For questions asking you "why" you like something the points won't be based on the content, but on how well you answered; I'm looking for a paragraph or two here.

This contest is open to anyone in the world, but I can only provide free shipping to North American residents. Do not send me any shipping information until you have won. Everyone's e-mail will be kept confidential and deleted after the contest ends. Entries will no longer be accepted after January 16 2009 11:59 CST. Points will be counted on the 17th and a winner announced on the 18th, if the winner doesn't get in contact with me after a week a new winner will be announced. In the event of a tie a draw will take place to determine the winner. All entries should be e-mailed to "EMAIL REMOVED" with the subject "ATU Movie Giveaway"; variations will still be accepted, but have the same general idea so I don't accidentally delete them. You can always add to your entry before the closing date by e-mailing me using the same name and e-mail, make sure to say that it is an addition to your previous entry; this way you can finish any questions you weren't able to do earlier. The questions begin below.

ADDITION: I'm now adding the "Across The Universe" CD to the prize as well, sung by the cast members of the movie.

What is your full name (1 point)?

How did you find out about this contest (1 point)?

What's your favourite Beatles song (2 points)?

How many times have you seen Across The Universe (1 point)?

What's your favourite musical (1 point)?

What's your favourite part of my website (1 point)?

What's your favourite story on my site, and why (4 points)?

What was the Beatles first album (2 points)?

What album was Across The Universe first released in (2 points)?

What was the first Beatles song sung in the movie (1 point)?

How many Beatles songs were in the movie (3 points)?

Have you ever sung out loud with a bunch of friends in public (1 point)?

What's your most embarrassing moment (4 points)?

What's your favourite movie (1 point)?

What's the meaning of life (2 points)?

What is the first Beatles song to be beamed directly into space by NASA (2 points)?

Post a link to this contest in your blog (post a link to the page the link is contained in) (2 points).

What's the secret to the Green Glass Door (2 points)?

Do you believe in love at first sight (2 points)?

What song is Lucy named after (1 point)?

What's your favourite scene in Across The Universe and why (3 points)?

Who would win in a fight, Goku or Superman, and why (3 points)?

What's the 2nd rule of Fight Club (2 points)?

What song did Max get his name from (1 point)?

What is your favourite Non-Beatles song and why (3 points)?

Do you know the Muffin Man (2 points)?

Who was your favourite character in Across The Universe and why (3 points)?

What would you like to see improved in this site (suggestions, ideas etc.)? (2 points)

And finally, who is your favourite Beatle and why (3 points)?

Congratulations to the winner, I've just gotten word that he received the DVD/CD.

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