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5 Years: 2022-09-03

Well it has been 5 years since we lost the house. We have sprung back, but it really did put me in a bad place for a while emotionally and mentally speaking, all those keepsakes wanted to pass onto the kids, the stuffed animals, the posters. Wanted them to look through old bins and ask me stories and I'd tell them like a sitcom as we go through the bin where everything came from.

I am always so grateful to the community, friends, family, firefighters, neighbours, Red Cross, just everyone who came together to help us in our biggest moment of need. Can never ever give enough back or express how much we appreciated all the donations we had received. I will always try to be my best self and do what I can for others when we can. Still like to sleep with the Red Cross blankets. I still wear the same jeans, the same shirts that I got 5 years ago, our kids still have a lot of the books and toys, though we have passed some onto others in need as well now.

I think of Calvin who we lost a few years after the fire due to health issues likely caused by the smoke and miss him greatly; was such a great cat and a best friend who would sleep with me every night. Lost Nutmeg and Muu as well in the last few years, but gained Salt and Pepper, and our children are ever so amazing. Angel was never the same with Daisy and we adopted her out, but now we have Snow who is still a pup in training.

Try to focus not on what is lost, but what has been gained, learned, and experienced. Our garden is better than ever, so much is growing, and we are planning on expanding more again next year. Our Parents group and other groups we run feel like less drama lately and more supportive and helpful to all. Our children are learning so much and bring me such joy day after day. My relationship with Diana has had lots of ups and downs, but it feels the last year we have really been great to each other, next month we'll have (and she will correct me), been together 15 or 16 years now.

Today is kind of a day of remembrance for our family, and will not be out canvassing today, but if you want me to come by over the next couple of months (or whenever) please send a message and I'll make sure to stop by as we try to cover as much of the area as possible during the campaign period. Might catch a movie, seems a great deal today :)

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