May 12 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Won Sheylara Contest: 2008-05-12

Bought a second cage for Ebichu yesterday, so now we have doubled her room. Attached the two tubes through tubes so she can run back and forth. In one cage is her home and in the other is the wheel and food. It was fun watching her run back and forth to gather food for her home, but then she took all of her sunflower seeds (a treat I got her) into her outhouse a few at a time. Apparently it's fun to eat sunflower seeds in the outhouse, so that way she can leave all the empty shells there, because of course she'll never poop in her outhouse, she has to poop in the door to her home all the time, she uses the window to get in and out anyway so I guess the door is a good as place as any.

In other news I won the contest at Sheylara, won some elbow tubes, still waiting to be contacted for my mailing info though. And then probably around six weeks for it to arrive.

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