May 29 2023 - May 29 2023

Who Is The Good Man?: 2023-05-29

Who is the better man? The one who is good from circumstance or the one from conviction? The one who is lucky enough to know no evil and have no wicked thoughts, or the one who's thoughts are filled with terrible ideas and urges but resists them, ignores the temptation and acts good regardless? But should we fault the good man for not knowing evil or having evil thoughts? Who is to say who they would become if things were different. Why should he be less good for not knowing evil? And then would the opposite be true, can we fault the evil man for acting evil, when they never had a chance to know good?

Are we just products of our environment and raising? A mix of genetics and history? How different of a person would you be if you grew up somewhere else, had different events occur to you, different friends, different family, where would your thoughts lie then, what would your actions be like?

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