May 29 2015 - May 29 2015

Unnamed Erotic Story

You walk into the room, I greet you in the doorway, grasping you from behind. I start to kiss your neck, softly, gently, and with purpose. I massage your shoulders and back, starting at your neck and slowly, inch by inch working my way down your body. I would suck and nibble on your shoulders as my hands massage lower and lower until they're practically groping your ass, and then suddenly they are.

I slide your pants down and feel up and down your legs, teasing and tantalizing them, giving you goosebumps all over, begging for more, more touch, wanting me to just grab you firmly, but my hands continue to toy with your skin until they finally rest on your inner thighs and begin rubbing and massaging them. My hands would tease your pussy, getting closer but not quite touching. I would start licking and sucking your breasts, moving my hands away from your thighs, for now, grabbing your ass and pulling you in close to me, pressing your body firmly against mine. You could feel my erect penis firmly against my pants, wanting you.

I come around and face you, beginning to kiss you, deeply and passionately. My hands are on your back and ass, pulling you into my body. You take off my pants and start to play with and tease my cock. You stop before I have a chance to enjoy myself, right now it's about you enjoying yourself, and me giving you that pleasure.

I kiss up and down your sides, my hands roaming over your body, gently caressing every inch of skin. My hands wrap around your ass, massaging your cheeks, feeling them, loving it. My mouth starts to find its way further and further south of your body, making its way down your sides, over your breasts, toying with your nipples, sucking on random parts of your breast, leaving a few hickeys behind as a gift. I get lower and lower, past your stomach, achingly teasing you with my lips. Eventually my lips get lower and lower and I start to nibble on your thighs. Finally I would begin to slowly flick your clit, gently rubbing it with my tongue and sucking on it with my mouth.

My tongue would tease and flick your clit. I would start to suck on it, teasing and playing with it however you want me to. My hands would be pulling you into me, making you move and grind into my tongue and face. I would move a little lower and start to lick your pussy, twirling and flicking, as one of my hands takes over on your clit I would keep going until you have your first orgasm.

I tease and finger your pussy until you're ready for more. Gently moving my hands over your body, teasing you with touch, grabbing and squeezing your ass, kissing you passionately, our bodies pressing against each other I would start to finger you harder and harder until you're basically riding my hand, stopping as you start to get close. I would stop playing with your pussy altogether, kissing you, on your lips, your neck, your nipples My hands all over you, except the one place you want.

Finally as you grind against me, your body demanding it, feeling like you could cum any second, I would shove my cock in you and fuck you until you moan and gasp and cum again. I pull out before I get a chance to finish and kiss you. I look at you, pleading in my eyes, as you decide whether I get to cum tonight; or not.

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