Oct 15 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Two Years: 2008-10-15

Got the hamsters new wheels, these ones don't have the holes in them so they should be a lot safer, plus they rotate on ball bearings, so there should be no noise. I haven't had a chance to test them out yet, maybe tonight if I'm staying at home, I want to make sure they like the new wheels.

Today Diana and I are celebrating two years, we're not doing much, though we got a lot of homework out of the way so we can be together. Diana is making me supper tonight, can't wait, I'm not eating until then so I'm nice and hungry. Last night we decorated Diana's parent's basement for our Halloween party, it looks great. I think just a few more details and it will be perfect.

School is going alright, though it's starting to feel like it's mounting up on me. Still haven't written much, though few days ago I cleared up my folder with all the drafts I've been working on, managed to get it down to 45 files, each file being a separate story. I've been feeling like writing something really depressing and tragic lately, like people fall in love, and then he's unexpectedly killed, or she is, or their love is filled with tragedy and they linger through it all, only to get hit by a drunk driver. haven't gotten a draft written yet, not really whole lot of time to write anymore.

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