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Training Day

Hello, my name is Michael (my friends call me Mike or Mikey), and I work at the Royal Fork Buffet. I have worked there for the past 3 years, I have been a chef for 1 of those years, I am a co-chair on the safety committee, I help with payroll, I go over the orders, and I basically do a lot of crap around the store that needs to be done, I am sort of the go-to guy. I finished high school 2 years ago but I decided not to go to university because I have a very good job right now. Now I am going to give you a bit of background information to help me to tell the story. One time when I was working Darcy, one of the managers, brought in some handcuffs to work, real ones, and handcuffed one of the people he was training for dishroom for the entire shift (the handcuffs have remained in dishroom since).

We do a lot of pranks around the restaurant, helps to make work more fun. There have been feuds at my work before, there was the Jessica-Jason feud, which started when Jason accidentally called Jessica "Nicole", the name of his ex, that one was really fun to watch. There have been feuds between the sexes before too, like the time Jessica went on a slurpee run and only got the girls slurpees, which spawned the "guys got the guys stuff, girls got the girls stuff" rule, which ended after Jason got Jessica a slurpee, which also happened to end the fight they were having about "Nicole". Now you may be wondering where I'm going with all of this, well there was this one feud that I started 5 months ago that is still going on, it started with a simple wedgie...

Now like I said earlier I am kind of like the handyman of the restaurant, I do all of the odd jobs that need to be done, I also do the manager's work when I can. Now they hired 12 new staff members, 5 guys and 7 girls. I was told to train the guys how to bus tables and Jessica was going to train the girls to wipe the line and change salads. So I got busy and quickly went through orientation with them, showed they how to bus and left them alone while I got started on assembling some new racks for the salads cooler. I was doing that for about 3 hours when I finally finished. I asked a busser to come over and help me drag the old racks outside, after we had done that we put the new racks in the cooler. Now the thing you have got to know about these new racks is the poles on the four corners stick out about 5 inches, making them perfect for hanging wedgies. This got me thinking, maybe we need a Royal Fork initiation...

I turned to the busser and asked "Hey busser, what's your name again man?"

"My name's Lucas but my friends call me Luke."

"Alright Luke I think it's time we give one of the girls the Royal Fork initiation."

"What's that?"

"You'll see, just do exactly what I say." I then went over my plan with Luke.

I went out of the cooler to look at the girls, to try to figure out which one would be perfect for my plan. Now as part of their uniform all of the girls had to wear knee-length skirts, and a nice sleeveless shirt, along with a smock apron and pantyhose. Now I noticed one of the girls was walking down the line with her cloth giving it a good wash and her pink thong was sticking out big time, I could almost see her ass her skirt was so loose. To think that this feud started with her, she had neck length dark black hair, brown eyes, a great figure, one of the finest butts I ever seen, I'm guessing she was a c-cup at least, she was kind of short, about 5'3", which made her all the better for my plan. I went up to her "Hey I'm Mikey, what's your name? How are you enjoying working here so far?"

" I'm Robyn, it's kind of overwhelming working here. There is a lot of things to do and it's hard to keep track of it all and it never seems to really end."

"Well you will get used to it, how about a break from this, I could use some help putting all the food from the hot foods cooler back into the salads cooler."

"Sure, just show me what to do!"

"Alright come with me to the cooler."

So I started walking her over to the salads cooler, when we get to the door leading to the kitchen I stop and hold it open for her, she walks ahead and then I grab her thong and give it a big pull and then quickly release. She turns around, smiling, and asks "Owwww, that really hurt, why did you have to do that?"

"Because it was there, just asking for it."

"Alright, I guess I learned my lesson, never turn my back to you." She readjusts her thong, puts her skirt over top and starts walking towards the salads cooler, and almost immediately her skirt falls down a bit revealing a tiny bit of pink. She walks into the salads cooler, looks around, looks back at me and asks, "Okay what do I do?"

" Well it's time for your Royal Fork initiation, I want you to stand on those two milk crates over there and we are going to give you a 5 minute hanging wedgie off of this pole on the rack over here. Relax we all had to go through something just as bad, when I started it was even harsher, they poured 5 buckets of grease on me when I started. Luke over here had to just drink a Dixie cup of Tabasco sauce. Now if you go along with this you will only have to hang for 5 minutes, if you struggle we will really make you suffer. So what's it going to be?"

"Well I guess since I don't have a choice I'll do it the easy way, but if my thong breaks you have to buy me a new one okay?" She looked kind of nervous like she didn't want to do this but she was willing to go along with it if she had to.

"Okay I promise to buy a new pair if it rips, I am also going to handcuff you with these so you can't hold yourself up for the 5 minutes, now if you could please step on the milk crates we can get this over with."

Robyn stepped on the crates and I handcuffed her hands behind her back. Me and Luke each grabbed the back of her thong and lifted it up to about a quarter of the way up her back and then put it over the polls. We left her there for about thirty seconds and then I kicked the crates and she fell into a hanging wedgie, she was about a foot away from the ground. I guess I must have shocked her cause she screamed really loud when I kicked the crates. She started kicking around trying to get a hold of something to relieve the tension, and with all that kicking her skirt fell off and me and Luke just burst into laughter. This is when Jessica walks in, looks at Robyn, looks at Luke and I laughing like crazy hyenas, looks back to Robyn and then quickly turns around closes the cooler door and locks us in.

"Shit! Shit! SHIT! This is bad. She's going to get us good for this. Okay Robyn stop kicking so I can let you down now." I got the milk crates and proceeded to unlock the handcuffs and let her down. She looked at her thong, pulling it out of all the crevices it managed to get into, while Luke started pounding on the door.

"It's really stretched out, but I guess I can still wear it." She pulls her skirt back up and tries to get her thong back into place. Meanwhile I'm panicking thinking about what Jessica is going to do to me for what I did to Robyn.

"Relax dude, "Luke says as he has given up on getting the door open" We were just doing an initiation, I don't think Jessica will be that upset."

" Luke man, something you and Robyn need to know. I don't know how you're going to take it but I made up the whole initiation thing today just to have some fun, there has never been any Royal Fork initiation before this one."

"It's alright, "Robyn offered " I had fun and I think it that it should be tradition from now on, I can't wait until I get to get the next set of new people with an initiation. "

The door then swung open and in walks Jessica with the 6 new girls. Without a word they surround me and Luke and give us massive wedgies.

"Okay girls, let's give them exactly what they deserve, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a wedgie for a wedgie!" Jessica shouts.

The girls then take me and Luke and hang us by our boxers from the salads rack, Jessica then pantses me and Luke and comes over to me "Now I know that you are the ringleader so you are going to get it real bad." She then grabs a cloth from one of the girls and uses it to gag me. She takes the handcuffs I left on the floor and handcuffs my hands to the rack. She then takes a bucket of ice and pours it down my boxers. "Okay let Luke down he's learned his lesson, I'll let Mikey down as soon as the ice melts."

The girls then helped Luke down and I was stuck there for about 45 minutes to an hour while the ice melted. Jessica then came back in the cooler with scissors, she first undid the handcuffs, then she cut my boxers, and I dropped to the floor. She walked away laughing, I pulled up my pants and swore revenge, and this was the start of the greatest feud in the Royal Fork history.

I wrote this story originally as part of a contest on WedgieGirls. I planned to make this part of a series depending on how long I stayed in that contest; I wrote one other part for the contest.

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