Aug 10 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Took Hamsters For A Walk: 2008-08-10

Took the hamsters for a walk today, ended up going to the park. They were very excited to be outside again, it's been a while. Diana and I took them on the swings, palmed in our hands of course, and we swung very slowly with them in our hands. They got bored of this rather quickly however, so we took them to the slides. The slides were great fun for us and the hamsters, they were metal so as the hamsters ran up they would reach a point where they simply couldn't get any higher, but they would keep trying, Ebichu more so than Hamtaro. Hamtaro quickly got bored of running nowhere, which is surprising considering how much he loves the wheel. He took to running down the slide and having me catch him, then putting him back on the slide. We decided against letting them run on the gravel, because of how dusty it seems.

Ebichu has seemed to have lost a bit of weight, and is now actually smaller than Hamtaro, which is weird because the female is usually the bigger of the two. I've noticed she's been hoarding her food a lot more, rather than eating it, so gave her a bit more food than usual, so she can eat and hoard.

Updating the site is so much easier now, I don't have to worry about HTML codes at all, I love this form I made. I'm still in the process of converting all of my news and blog posts to single pages, it will probably not get done until Tuesday when I have the night without Diana as she will be working, usually those days I get the most work done anyway. After that my to-do list is down to one thing, creating a cooking section. I'm still undecided about whether or not to make it a sub-domain or a sub-directory, since I don't particularly care about how the search engines see me the choice is really just a visual one, do I want cooking to come before or after Absurdity981? I've also decided where my quotes are now, for the cooking section I'll put little cooking tid-bits, like water boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

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