Dec 19 2009 - Aug 11 2013

The Terror Of Ukrainian Christmas Eve

Note: the following was written by me in elementary school; or possibly junior high, it was with a stack of papers my mom had. I have simply typed it up from it's original state, fixing spelling mistakes and some grammar mistakes, but I have kept everything else the same.

It was Ukrainian Christmas Eve. The place, my house, the time, January sixth, Wednesday night. At first everything was going perfect. I was serving bread. My brother, Jason was arguing with my mom about having to serve bread. When dinner was ready Mom called us to eat. I sat down next to Jason and Baba. Gigi was on the other end of the table. Mom was at the end of the table next to Adam, my former best friend, was on her left, and the place for the dead was on her right.

We had twelve different courses. Before we ate Adam volunteered to say grace. He then stood up and yelled grace and then we started eating. The first meal was this grey stuff with white and black spots. It was supposed to be a type of soup. I inhaled six bowls of it. After that we had perogies. We had three different types, blueberry, plain, and sauerkraut filled. I liked the blueberry one the most.After that we had borscht. I didn't know what it was supposed to be but it was awful. After the borscht we had fish. I had goldeye and pike, but no salmon. We had several other meals, but no need to mention them all.

After supper we opened the gifts. I got Diddy Kong Racing, for Nintendo 64. My brother got twenty dollars. I gave Mom something I made in shops, this blue plastic plate, with wavy edges. Gigi got a tool box and Baba a wooden Christmas tree.

About eleven o'clock I woke up. I had the sudden urge to vomit and rushed to the toilet. Luckily, I made it. I then went to Mom's room to tell her I didn't feel very well. On the way I vomited on the floor. Mom woke up after two minutes of me lightly tapping her shoulder. I told her I wasn't feeling very well and I threw up on the floor. She got a rag and cleaned up the mess, then put a bucket next to my bed and tucked me in. Three times during the night I threw up.

Then Christmas came. I didn't have any school because it was Christmas and I was sick. The entire day I was feeling weak and slept a lot. All I ate was half a bowl of chicken soup. On Friday, of the same week, I was feeling better and went to school. I learned never to eat too much of one thing again.

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