May 27 2009 - Aug 11 2013

The Relentless March Of Time

11:00: The day is over, I go to bed.

12:04: I figure sometime during the last hour of rolling around I might of gotten around 10 minutes of sleep.

12:09: After a furious ball-scratching session I attempt to sleep some more.

12:34: 5 I think instantaneously when the number turned, hoping I got it dead on, knowing I didn't.

1:04: I remember 12:04. Fuck.

1:13: Isn't it strange how sometimes time moves so quickly and sometimes it moves so slowly. Then there are times like now where it feels to be moving very quickly, but when I start thinking I realize it is actually moving incredibly slowly.

1:32: I get up and take a piss, get a glass of water while I'm up as well.

2:04: Isn't it amazing that I manage to look at the look on the hour every hour to the exact minute? Weird.

2:41: I get an idea for a short story, but I have already shut the computer off and don't want to turn it on. I don't bother with pen/paper as it's just frustrating.

3:04: Shit. This time again. I get up and turn the computer on to check my e-mail. Nothing new. I try to remember the idea I had, with no luck. A quick surf of the 'net and a piss and back to bed I go.

3:33: A mild ball scratching.

4:02: Looked early. Maybe I might sleep now. I hope I get some sleep, or I'll be even more tired tomorrow than I was today. Now that I think about it is tomorrow, that happened quickly.

4:20: Woot. I guess.

4:32: I think I just slept for a bit, not too sure, might of just blanked out.

4:35: The red lights seem to be taunting me, the way they just hover there.

4:38: I give up. I turn on the radio to listen to Coast to Coast AM, but I had missed it by an hour. Maybe tomorrow night.

4:45: Tomorrow will suck.

4:46: Why do I exist?

4:48: Thought about it, maybe I'm here to suffer.

5:01: Looked early again.

5:31: Might of slept, or I managed to not think. Wish I could tell if I was sleeping, I hope I slept anyways.

5:55: Beware the 5's; they're in power right now, and they're tired of being in the middle.

5:56: Survived that, this time.

6:03: Masturbated, maybe I'll be tired enough to sleep now.

6:49: No luck still. Can see light starting to move into the bedroom. I fucking hate that morning light.

6:55: Time is moving really fast now.

6:59: Last four minutes have now zoomed by. The alarm will go off soon.


7:00: There it is. I hit snooze, desperately clinging onto the hope I might get 10 minutes of sleep.

7:04: There it is again, whizzing by now. The relentless March Of Time.

7:09: The buzzer will buzz again soon. I turn it off in anticipation. I push and roll myself out of bed, a new day begins.

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