Oct 13 2008 - Aug 11 2013

The Loss Of My Virginity, Donuts, Anime And Being An Exhibitionist Part 1

It was Friday October 10th my friend David and I were going to the Chibi-con (an anime convention) being held at the Holiday Inn. I had dyed my hair green for the occasion. He was bringing one of his friends, a pothead and an anime fan, Laura, and she was bringing her friend Kayla. It was 4 crazy anime fans looking for some fun to do on thanksgiving weekend away from the family.

I had bought a huge amount of donuts for the Chibi-con (106). We made our first stop at Laura's house where she got some money from her dad and then we left for Kayla's. On the way Laura and me kept pestering David by throwing leaves at him and putting it down his shirt. After she got everything she needed there we left on our way to the Chibi-con.

We took the bus and practically got lost while transferring downtown. Luckily, for us Kayla knew some people downtown and they told us how to get to the Chibi-con. All the while I'm carrying this box of 106 donuts. When we get to the Chibi-con we had to wait half an hour because we got there a bit early.

Once inside Kayla bought a moogle hat. We then went to t o the main showing room where the big screen was. I put the donuts down on one of the counters and sat down to watch some anime. Laura sat down on top of me (we had begun to get close in that half-hour of boredom and we started holding hands a lot). I couldn't really see with her on top of me but I didn't really care. We did this for about two hours till my legs feel so far asleep that I couldn't stand it anymore.

I told her that I wanted to go for a walk so we went around the Holiday Inn checking out the other anime stuff. All the while we never let go of each other. Eventually she wanted to go outside for a smoke so we found Kayla and the two of them smoked outside while I stood beside Laura (I wasn't a smoker then). We then went back inside then outside then inside (we were playing with the revolving door). We eventually made it to the main showing room and this time I somehow got Laura to let my sit on her.

This didn't last very long though; she has a lot less patience than I do. We then decided to go to Seven Eleven, which wasn't that far. Me Laura and David went. We bought a lighter then on the way back went to a back lane and did some weed (not me I didn't do drugs at that time). I supported Laura on the way back to the hotel and she slept on my while we watched GOLDEN BOY (a great anime) in the con suite.

After that we went back to the main showing room and this time sat in the back. She sat on me again but this time I was determined not to let my legs go asleep. Luckily I think she knew what I had in mind. She began to move her ass up and down causing a great erection on my part. I started to move with her and soon we were going right at it. She led my hand into her pants and I began to finger her. With my other hand I undid her bra and began to fondle her breasts. After that we decided to go somewhere a bit more private.

Okay a few notes on this story. It's mostly true, though a little far off to be perfectly true. I wrote this a few months after the event, so my memory wasn't as fresh as it could of been. It has been many years, so no part 2 will be coming, as that would be mostly fictional. I did write this a long time ago, so you can see my writing style isn't quite the same as it is now. I decided not to edit this to make it more readable as I'd prefer to just preserve this as is, and it's a good way of seeing how I've improved as a writer.

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