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The Deeds Of Thingol Wolfsbane

Note: the following was written by me in elementary school; or possibly junior high, it was with a stack of papers my mom had. I have simply typed it up from it's original state, fixing spelling mistakes and some grammar mistakes, but I have kept everything else the same.

It all began in the dark years, the years that Loron, the last of the evil apprentices of Begroth, the banished one, was in power. An elf named Merry Singshine was playing in the woods, for she was a little girl and knew not of the darkness that was sweeping the lands. She grew up to be an intelligent and just elf of the forest-elves. She lived in the forest that was called Flingflorn. She had a magnificent voice, hence the name Singshine.

There was also a human boy called Thingal Proudmoore. Thingal was also a young one, but he knew of the darkness and was in constant training. He grew up to be a fine lad, strong and intelligent, gentle and fair.

Now, when Thingal was a man, his home was one of the few placed the orcs haven't reached. The orcs are elves who were transformed into evil creatures by Begroth's waning power. They are able to multiply a lot quicker than elves, for they are mortals and don't have the long lives of elves. He knew he and his servants should leave the house before the orcs found it and slayed them all. He and his loyal servants took to the forest of Flingflorn.

At this time the elves were in debate whether to forsake this forest and goto the kingdom of Feanor or to protect this forest with their lives. Merry Singshine was in favour of staying to protect their lands, which they worked hard to grow. But others pointed out the lack of soldiers, and that the dwarves and elves of Feanor could protect them while they re-grew the forest. It was decided to leave and they got ready to leave at dawn.

Thingal made camp right beside the secret cave of the forest-elves. When dawn came the few hundred elves poured out of the cave startling the men who lay beside it. They quickly, being the trained soliders they were, hid in the bushes and watched the elves going by. Thingal and his men followed the elves, unknowingly also to the south where the kingdom of Feanor lay.

Merry Singshine was helping to set up camp when she saw a rustling in the bushes. She motioned over one of the Elders of the forest-elves. She told the elf that she had seen something in the bushes. He had three elves go on patrol duty around the camp. They saw the men going around the camp, thinking of a way of approach. The elves secretly surrounded Thingal Proudmoore and his servants and took them captive to the Elders without struggle.

When Thingal set eyes on Merry he wanted to be with her till the end of time. He tried to call out to her, but one of the guards kicked him in the chest. Then Merry sang him a song of Aman and the Ador,how the created the haven of Aman for the elves and dwarves to dwell in until the end, and how the elven races alongside man and all the other races will meet the Ador in the end of everything. They were then, when the song ended, dragged to the Elders and told to explain themselves.

They started to tell their story when the elves,which were still on patrol duty, came running back screaming that the orcs were charging. The Elders quickly had twenty of their warriors stationed in the trees for them to stay behind while the rest fled. But before they could get going the camp was surrounded and the orcs came in storming in from all directions.

Thingal and his servants escaped from their guards in the confusion and drew swords. They charged to Merry Singshine and surrounded her, facing outwards, at Thingal's orders.They slew and hacked at orcs in all directions while a way was trying to be made open. Then one by one the guards fell and it was just Thingal and Merry alone and cut off from the others.

Thingal grabbed Merry and rushed through the ranks of orcs slaying all that dared to oppose him. In the confusion he lost Merry. He went south looking for her and ended up in the harbour of Cidor and stopped there waiting for Merry. He slept in the barracks during the day and went looking for her on horse at night.

There were few elves and dwarves there, for they all fled to Aman away from the evils of Loron. But the few there were also preparing to leave when the host of Feanor came from the south. This went on for weeks until the host finally arrived. With them they brought Merry. But Thingal was sleeping at the time and he missed them coming through.

Thingal was woken up by a dwarf and was told that they were all going now. He got dressed and went to the shipyard. He got aboard the Queen Of Flyers and started rowing. He was sitting beside the same dwarf who woke him up. This dwarf used to be part of one of the richest families of dwarves before Loron came and plundered their wealth and hunted down the remaining members. He alone survived the brutal attack.

Twelve elves raised their bows. Twelve other elves lit their arrows with fire. The archers shot one of the harbour buildings. They raised their bows eleven more times, burning down the harbour and any means of Loron following them. They then began to row themselves. With them passed the last remnants of the dwarves and elves and man was left to fight for themselves, all alone, against the evils of Loron and Begroth.

After three months they landed on the shores of Aman. Thingal got out of the ship and walked on the shores of Aman. He spotted Merry getting off her ship and he ran as quickly as his feet would let him. He helped her down and then they walked to the closest city, Gondor, and built a house on its borders. They had a child and named him Thingol Halfelven. He grew up and longed to go to the earth where his father and mother first met.

One day, before Thingolcame of age, he went up to his mother. " Can I go to Earth and free the men of the world from the tyranny of Loron?"

"When you become of age and choose your fate as either man or elf then you can go."

He waited three more years and then he came of age and had a vision. Manwe, leader of the Ador, came to him and asked whether he preferred the fate of man, to die and go into the unknown, or the fate of elves, to live until the world ends but tire of life with the long years.

"I choose the elven fate," Thingol Halfelven thought. "For what good is dying young and not having time to help others?" He then awoke as Thingol Fullelven.

He woke up to the shaking of Merry. "Quick it's your father! He is at his death! He wants to speak to you!"

Thingol rushed to his Father's room and knelt beside his bed.

Son, I know you want to go to Earth to help the men. But be careful, for men are treacherous and betray their own kind. Go and save them from evil. but be wary of their deceiving lies.

Thingol set out that day, eager to help the men of Earth and become a hero long remembered. He knew his father was gone, but he was gone to the place of elves not man, therefore he was not worried or grieved. He set off in a ship with many elves, but they just dropped him off on the shores when they reached Earth, and refused to come with him.

He set up camp and ate the little food he brought. He slept through the night undisturbed. When we woke he started walking east towards, unknowingly, the last city of men.

He found the city and was captured. He was taken to the king of men as a prisoner. He told them his tale and begged to be freed. The king let him go free and Thingol became a great leader, winning many victories against Loron. One of these was when he was completely surrounded by wolves, all alone, and killed almost every one of them. Since then wolves dared not go near him, hence the name Wolfsbane. Finally, after many battles, they put Loron's Fortress to siege. Thingol knew the siege would not last.

All of a sudden, when Thingol was in his tent, the orcs came charging out. Thingol's men fought bravely and won the gate. They then charged across the desolate ground into the fortress itself. Loron was there waiting for them. He slew all the men at once, for he was immortal, and they could not slay his great power. He wondered why Thingol managed to put up such a great fight. Loron struck out and Thingol jumped up, sword waving around in circles. Loron was no more.

When Thingol came back he was a celebrated hero. He was given land and wealth. He lived alone for hundreds of years. He saw men murdering each other and going to war against each other. Men cast him off his land,for they forgot what he had done for them. He was hunted down by horsemen, which he barely managed to elude. He went to the harbour front in the guise of an old homeless man.

Once there he took a ship and went to Aman where he told his mother all that had happened.

"Your Father warned you about the treachery of men," she told him when he finished his tale. "They slay each other over jewels and cast out our kind because they are different and have longer lives. I hope you stay here, where we are all good to each other and never murder our own kind, or any other that doesn't wish us harm.

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