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The Day The Earth Blew Up

Note: the following was written by me in elementary school, it was with a stack of papers my mom had. I have simply typed it up from it's original state, fixing spelling mistakes and some grammar mistakes, but I have kept everything else the same.

DING! DING! My alarm clock rang loudly, disturbing my dreams. I went out of bed and got dressed in a grey suit. I combed my short brown hair into a smooth, straight position. I walked down the stairs to the kitchen. Breakfast today was three scrambled eggs, crisp bacon, toast with strawberry jam on it, fresh orange juice, and Alfred, who is my personal servant, served it all. It felt good to be the youngest President of Earth at fourteen years of age. I walked out to my limo, which was waiting for me at the front of my house, the White House. I was going to an important meeting, which very well might change the course of human history.

We arrived at the Pentagon without incident. I stepped out of the limo and adjusted my tie. I barely noticed the deep red roses on my way into the building. I walked slowly to the briefing room, admiring the art along the way. There was one I particularly liked of Chris Jericho, the first president of Earth. I opened the door to the briefing room. I walked toward my chair and sat down at the head of the table.

"Good morning Mr. President," the Secretary of Defence greeted me. "As you know a supposed asteroid was headed in Earth's direction. We have now identified the asteroid as a battleship with heavy armour and high explosives. In response we sent the metallic moon, or Lunar, to the other side of Earth. The battleship has now reached Mars and at current speed we have ten days to prepare until it reaches us. Your advice Mr. President?"

"The complete militarizing of Earth. Prepare escape shuttles to launch as soon as possible. Have Lunar evacuate into the opposite direction that the battleship is coming from. Activate emergency procedures on Lunar and give orders to activate my hologram, only if Earth doesn't make it." I advised.

My orders were followed and my shuttle was prepped for launch. The days went by too quickly. We prepared by launching as many shuttles as we could, planting explosives on our satellites, and putting our nuclear devices on stand-by to blow up Earth, so that at least the aliens can not have Earth if we lose the following battle.

The battleship had reached Ryan,formerly known as the Moon. The colonies were destroyed with a few blasts by the battleship. This caused mass panic and I ordered that my shuttle be launched along with several others who stayed till the last minute setting up the nuclear bombs. I delivered the launch codes to begin the destruction of Earth from a safe distance deciding we didn't have a chance. All of a sudden there were explosions everywhere as the battleship blew up our shuttles.

"We've been severely hit!" the pilot shouted to me.

"Good-bye sir," Alfred said.

"Good-bye Alfred," I whispered.

Lunar is a fine spaceship. It is entirely self supportive. It has a crew of twenty million able-bodied soldiers. It has parks filled with gorgeous roses, the national flower of Earth. It has air-vents that turned carbon dioxide into oxygen for human use. Repair droids were on every deck so that damage could quickly be repaired. And now it has a hologram.

"Hello, I am the hologram programmed with the mind of Ryan Kochie, former president of Earth. I now take on the title Minister of Lunar following Earth's destruction. " the holographic image of Ryan Kochie said after being turned on for the first time. "The first order of business is to form a council of ten that will control and keep a order to the moon. There will be three from the worker class, three from the intellectual class, three from the pilot and warrior classes, and me at the head."

My orders were followed and soon we were a well-ordered society. We went across the galaxy for years with no purpose but to avoid the aliens that blew up Earth and destroyed our way of life. We landed on planets that had metal resources but no atmosphere and built two replicas of Lunar: Thebes and Protos. We built fighters and trained pilots to fly them. Humans gradually began to have a chance of survival.

That was what we basically did for the first two centuries. After that there was an incredibly important meeting of the council of ten, or as the people called it after the Babylon 5 show, the White Council. The topic of this meeting was planning our future in the galaxy.

"We need a mission statement, a purpose in life to guide us through these tough times without a home." I stated. "Now I think that we should find a new world, one that is close to Earth but has no intelligent life. We will set up the Metallic Moons as a defence against invasion. Any other suggestions?"

"I think we should hunt down the aliens who blew up Earth, make them pay," one of the members of the White Council who was from the warrior class suggested. A vote was taken and they decided to find a new home. My plans are always the best and most popular because I am a great leader and I bribe most of the White Council.

One day, over five centuries after the destruction of Earth, radar picked up a blip. I looked at the outside cameras, full magnification. It was a battleship that resembled the one that invaded Earth; in fact, we identified it as the same one. They were travelling twice our speed and it appeared that they have noticed us. I put the fleet on stand-by. I had the fighters launched. We stood ready for their attack.

"Sir, they're within firing range," the helmsman reported.

Open fire! Blow them to smithereens!" I yelled.

The battle rages on for hours. Both sides had tough armour and strong weapons. Each side fought viciously. The battleship fired all of its weapons in one area of Thebes. A giant explosion appeared on the view screen.

"Sir! Thebes just blew up!" the helmsman yelled in panic. "And Protos is heavily damaged by the explosion. It's just us left to fight!"

We fought with everything we had, but our fighters kept exploding into pieces and then our weapon systems gave. We were desperate. We didn't want them to live. It was my only choice.

"Full ramming speed helmsman! We'll take them down with us!" I shouted to the crew on the bridge.

Protos survived the assault and continued on looking for a homeland, no longer under any real leadership. It took them half a century to finish all the repairs from the damage in the battle. They built another metallic moon entirely white called the White Knight. These two travelled together for three centuries until a world loomed up ahead. It had an oxygen atmosphere with two-thirds of it water, the world that they have been looking for these many centuries. A landing party was sent to explore the terrain and take a more precise study of the planet. They came back with very pleasing results.

According to their study humans could easily settle the planet. Another subject of good new, back-up files of Ryan Kochie were found. The only problem was that they were severely damaged and it would take a while, at least a decade, to repair them.

They put the moons in orbit and headed down toward the planet. The planet was a lush forest on land and on the water calm seas. There was one big landmass with tiny islands around it that were within a few miles of the landmass. They started to clear forests to build cities that would go miles underground with very few buildings appearing aboveground, that way it couldn't be seen. Under the water they were building buildings underneath domes and the people would then live in these domed cities, at least a mile underwater for protection. All of this was meant to be invisible from space, in case a battleship went by. In total, one hundred cities were being planned and built.

Five years went by. Most of the cities were nearing completion. The Ryan Kochie hologram was halfway repaired. The Metallic Moons were nearly abandoned and left to orbit the planet as a defence measure, just in case the aliens came back. Then it appeared, their worst fear, a blip on the radar screen.

The Ryan Kochie hologram was quickly finished and many mistakes were there that still needed fixing. The Moons became crawling with life as humans brought them up to full use. This time humans weren't going to run and abandon their planet. Fighters were launched to orbit with the Moons.

"First thing we need to do is assign names. The star shall be known as Alpha. The planet will be called Atlantis. The continent will henceforth be known as Upyurmutluk. Next thing we need to do is try to contact them. Hopefully the unknown vessel might end up being friendly," the holographic projection of Ryan Kochie ordered.

The blip was within a day of Atlantis. Not one of the communication technicians had tried to contact the spaceship because they thought it was pointless to do so because the technicians thought it was pointless to do so. The Metallic Moons could achieve a visual now. It was a piece of junk. It was pieces of metal assembled together to form a giant scrap heap. It appeared to be no real threat. People began to wonder who created this mess.

The spaceship was within a few hours of Atlantis now. It moved agonizingly slowly towards Atlantis. Once it reached the atmosphere it slowed down even more. Fighters were sent to watch it and possibly destroy it. It made its way to Upyurmutluk. It then hovered over the continent and descended on one of the plains created for farming. The doors slowly opened and a ramp went down. Three humanoid creatures walked down the ramp. The fighters landed beside it and the pilots stepped out, blasters ready to fire if necessary.

"Greetings." One of the creatures spoke. "We are the descendants of the few that escaped the devastation of Earth. We three are representatives of the three shuttles that barely escaped. We tracked you through space and came here as fast as we could. We wish to join you. We can become productive members of your planet."

The three people from the shuttle were taken to Protos where they were able to talk to Ryan. He decided to let them become members of his society after a few hours of conversation with them. He told them that they could go to any of the cities that they thought best suited for their needs. They moved in to one of the underwater cities that were already completed. There were a few hundred in total that came from the shuttle. They worked hard and were very friendly to all.

Two centuries went by peacefully. Colonies were forming on the four habitable planets of the solar system. More Metallic Moons were build to defend the system, to make a grand total of seventeen. All the one hundred cities were finished and more were being planned and build. Humans had a reason for rejoicing. But this day, two centuries later, was a depressing day. The hologram of Ryan Kochie had degraded beyond use.

A funeral service was held in The White Knight. Ryan's memory disks with a list of all his achievements were ejected into space in a golden urn, specially sealed for deep space. The entire human race was there to mourn such a great leader. The White Council members at the time made speeches in his honour. His urn was then ejected towards Alpha. That was the last it was seen by humans.

The urn went on its journey towards Alpha, but it was caught in the gravitational pull of a comet. The comet zoomed through space for many millennia. Eventually the urn crashed along with the comet into a planet with a toxic atmosphere and no life whatsoever. Ryan Kochie had returned to where he came from; the dead planet called Earth. The atmosphere may be toxic but it was still Earth with the same old Sun and Moon.

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