Jan 22 2023 - Jan 22 2023

Testing: 2023-01-22

I always feel I do poorly on tests, I can do good on assignments but then test time it can go poorly. It could be a lack of confidence in the answers or my knowledge, but I think some of that also stems from so many trick questions early on in school. Like I would know the answer is obviously "A", but then it seems like it is too obvious, so I pick the next most likely one and go with "C" which is wrong. Like I have been conditioned to doubt myself and my answers, because teachers would put trick questions to throw students off, where you know the answer but they would have a trick in the question or in how it's worded so most students get that question wrong. That isn't conductive to good learning in my opinion. It doesn't teach students the knowledge of the course, it just teaches them self-doubt and a lack of trust. I noticed that doing trivia night last night, with the true or false questions, something I knew to be true I said false, because it seemed too obvious to be right. But it was supposed to be an "easy" question, so I would get the easy questions wrong because I over-think and have doubt.

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