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Terayuj's History

Once Terayuj was alive. Everyone laughed at his glasses. One day Terayuj ran away from the pond. Some hunters shot him and laughed at his glasses. The next day a boy named Ryan drew up Terayuj and brought his ghost to life.

Looks: Yellow body, glowing red eyes and dark blue glasses.
Attacks: Hypnosis, Punch, Spike, and bite. Others unknown.
Defences: Invisibility. Protective shield that lasts 5 minutes.
What it wants to be when grown up: A T.V. show host.
Food: Anchovies.
Colour: Dark blue.
Trick: Rabbit out of hat.
Hobby: Playing Reading Galaxy on his name.
Show: Pokemon.
Movie: M.I.B.
Pastime: Watching talk shows and Reading Galaxy.

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