Dec 19 2009 - Jun 10 2014


Note: the following was written by me in elementary school, it was with a stack of papers my mom had. I have simply typed it up from it's original state, fixing spelling mistakes, but I have kept everything else the same.

Once upon a time there was a boy named Ryan. Ryan liked to play soccer and basketball. Ryan lived at 83 Watt Street. His best friend was Adam. Adam and Ryan were selling chocolates for the school. The money will be for the school party at Halloween. At school they had the biggest Halloween party in history. Ryan bought a scarecrow for the party. Ryan named him Starky.

The kids thought Starky was scary looking. They gave Starky a handshake. After the party Ryan took Starky back home again.

Then one day it was raining and thundering and lightening. Then some of the lightening hit Starky and turned him to life. Starky told Ryan that he could talk. Ryan thought it was a dream and he pinched himself. Then he knew it wasn't a dream so he called his best friend Adam and told him about Starky. Adam didn't believe Ryan so he went over to his house. Then Starky told how ge got alive and how Ryan pinched himself. Then Adam pinched himself and then he knew it wasn't a dream.

Then the next day they told everyone in the class about Starky. The kids didn't believe the boys, so Starky told them how he got alive. They pinched themselves and they knew it wasn't a dream. They couldn't believe their eyes!! They rubbed them. Everyone believed them but Brett and Tiffany, so Starky talked to Tiffany and Brett and then they believed Adam and Ryan. They gave Starky another handshake for being friends and they all promised to write and he promised to write back for a long time. THE END

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