Jul 20 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 4: Spanked Sarah

I showed up at work carrying a duffel bag full of supplies, I headed into the back and handed the bag off to Stef, who stored it in the girls change room. The manager didn't come in until 10, so by the time we got started it wouldn't matter. We chose this day because it was when all of our intended victims were working. We started with Sarah first, because she was the first scheduled to show up that day. I saw her walking in and quickly ran to hide in the girls change room, behind the door. As she was walking by the change room Stef walked in behind her, sealing her fate. As soon as Sarah walked in Stef slammed the door shut behind her, trapping Sarah in the change room.

"What's going on here?" Sarah demanded realizing I was in here as well.

"Simple, you have been nothing but mean to Stef and I the entire time we've worked here, now we are getting some of our revenge, I suggest just going along with it, it will make things that much quicker." I said.

"Just fucking try anything and I'll show you what nerds you two really are." Sarah leered at as, provoking Stef more than me, I could already see her getting a little tense. "You and that loser boyfriend of yours better just back the hell off, you stupid bitch, or you'll be in for a world of hurt."

With that Stef quickly tackled her and began trying to pin her. They rolled around quickly, each trying to end up on top. Eventually Sarah ended up pinning Stef and I quickly jumped in and took Sarah off Stef, holding her hands behind her back. Stef rushed in and quickly took Sarah's shirt off, revealing the blonde's baby blue bra. I took Sarah's hands and handcuffed them quickly ending the ensuing struggle once and for all. Stef quickly stopped Sarah from making any calls of help with some duck tape and cotton balls, now the fun was to begin.

Without a word to each other Stef and I began our torture of Sarah. Stef began by pulling down Sarah's skirt, revealing a baby blue thong that matched her bra. Stef then pulled Sarah up, so that she was now on her hands and knees, her ass sticking out, ready for the abuse it was about to receive. Stef began to slap Sarah's ass, she tried to squirm out of the way but I held her in place. After the first 20 slaps or so Stef started hitting harder and harder. I'll give Sarah her due, it was harder and harder to hold her in place. Just when I didn't think Sarah couldn't take any more Stef stopped, but not for long. She went to get a ruler out of the duffle bag and began to whip Sarah's ass. Sarah began screaming into her gag now, and it took all of my might to make sure that she didn't move too much. Stef looked vicious while she was beating Sarah, she had a look on her face that shut me up when I was about to say Sarah might have had enough. Stef seemed to be getting a lot of anger out on poor Sarah's ass now and wasn't ready to stop for anything. Time after time I saw Stef swing that ruler down on Sarah's now red ass, I even began to cringe as I heard the ruler smack her round ass, causing little ripples to echo through her bum, all the while she was screaming voiceless agony into the gag.

Eventually Stef stopped and let Sarah's ass have a break, I was surprised the ruler hadn't snapped in two by now. She seemed to have calmed down somewhat and realized how much damage she had just done, poor Sarah's ass was cherry red right now, and judging by the expression on her face it was still stinging. Deciding she had enough Stef put her hands on Sarah's thong and began pulling it up, she then unconnected Sarah's bra and reconnected it with the thong still inside. The two of us then picked Sarah up and moved her into one of the lockers, connecting her thong to the hook, essentially dangling her in a bra connection wedgie. Her toes were able to still touch the ground, she was lucky, if she was just an inch shorter she would be hanging solely by her thong right now. For the final touch we handcuffed her hands, to ensure she couldn't escape the wedgie. Stef and I looked at each other and then with a smirk she closed the locker door to poor Sarah.

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wow - 2014-05-20 17:49:19:

i thought you could of done better,like pantsing her

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