Nov 12 2007 - Aug 11 2013

Slurpee Fetish

A person with a slurpee fetish is someone who gets off on seeing someone drink, play with, fondle, or make erotic use out of a slurpee. Usually a slurpee fetish isn't just about the slurpee, it is also about the person drinking/using the slurpee. The person (who I shall refer to as the slurpee user or just user) drinking the slurpee must be attractive to the person with the fetish(from now on referred to as a slurpist), this varies depending on the person with the fetish and their sexual interests, whatever they may be.

There are many ways to use the slurpee in erotic play. For some people simply the drinking of the slurpee is enough, while some people demand something more. It is almost always preferable to get a spoon straw for that opens up a completely new area of play. Some slurpists like to lick the slurpee off of the user's body, while others like to engage in intercourse covered in slurpee. Most slurpists say that during intercourse they like the sticky feel of the slurpee, and it's enjoyable to lick it off afterwards.

Colour is very important to a slurpist. For some people the colour of the straw and slurpee must be complimentary, while others prefer a contrast of colours. Depending on the slurpist they will have a certain preference of colour, blue seems to be the most popular among slurpists. Many people like how the tongue changes colour and like the idea of a blue tongue (or any different coloured tongue) licking them, kissing them etc. As for the size of the slurpee bigger is always better, for that means more slurpee to have fun with.

There is also the phenomenon where people like to exchange the slurpee while kissing, this is called sluring (slurpee kissing) and is a very popular activity amongst users and slurpists. There is also group sluring which takes place between a group of 3 or more people sharing the slurpee via the kiss amongst themselves. The process of having intercourse while using the slurpee as a sexual prop has come to be known as slurking (slurpee fucking). Group slurking is having slurking with 3 or more people.

For some people using the slurpee in such an innocent way isn't enough, they prefer to make things a little more hardcore. There are various ways to use the slurpee as erotic pleasure. Some slurpists like to ejaculate into the slurpee cup and have the user drink it or the other way around with the slurpist drinking from the cup that the user ejaculated into. Another method of using the slurpee is having a female pour the slurpee into her vagina and have her partner drink it out.

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slurking - 2017-05-03 17:24:07:

slurk me daddy

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slurk me daddy

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