Feb 16 2011 - Aug 11 2013

RSS Feed Added: 2011-02-16

I've added a RSS feed to my site, it works off of my database to make it dynamically update. I added this as part of the geek girl challenge, as well I've been wanting to add a feed for a while, this was my motivation to finally learn how. I'm still working out some kinks, so if there are any issues you notice please let me know. I plan on adding descriptions this week, as soon as I decide how I want to generate them.

My Gigi project is coming along, I am hoping for a March release, which is a little off of me hoping for a November release. The delay is mostly due to how busy I've been at work and home. Since I've quit pop I've been sleeping better, so lately I've had more time and energy to do the things I want to do, as opposed to barely doing the things I need to do. I've patched several security holes, and the RSS feature is the last feature I wanted to have before release, videos have been pushed back until I can decide on a format. I have to re-create my test environment next, as I haven't been keeping it up to date on all the updates I've done to my site.

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Lauraann - 2011-02-17 08:23:06:

Love your Blog :0) I tried adding an RSS reader but I'm not sure how successful I was though. Lauraann

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