Nov 13 2008 - Aug 11 2013

R.I.P. Ebichu: 2008-11-13

On November 6 I came home to find Ebichu's cage empty. At first we thought she must of just been somewhere in her tubes, or hiding in her house. But after throughly searching through her cages and tubes she was no where in sight. We started searching the room, placing doughnuts throughout the room to try to lure her out. After a while we got Mom involved, who said she heard something last night. After placing doughnuts throughout the house we eventually found her, she had fallen into the sump pump and drown. Her body was stuck in the swimming position, so I know she died trying to swim. We later figured out how she escaped, through a gap in the tube-cage connector, and have fixed it, and we have also taped up the hole to the sump pump, so if Hamtaro ever escapes he won't suffer the same fate. We buried her in the backyard, tucked nicely in her house, with her wheel, chew toys, and shavings.

Elvis also died that day, we buried him in a zip lock bag with Ebichu. We didn't have him that long, but when we did we cherished him, he was always the active one, loving the wheel we gave him (crabs apparently like wheels too, though they walk not run). Not sure why he died, we think it was lack of water, we have since bought a bigger water dish, about three times as big as the old one.

I remember Ebichu, and miss her very much. I remember when we first got her, with very little tubes, just the loop-d-loop and some heading up to the loop-d-loop. She would run up and down, she was so excited to have her new home. She would run around her house, back and forth, encircling the house. She ran a little bit, but then we got her a new wheel and she ran a lot, she loved that mesh like wheel. We used to take her for walks, with Hamtaro sometimes, though she was always the gentler of the two. I'd come home and check on her, and she'd always come running out to greet me, always happy/angry to see me. She would try to attack if I dared breath, she thought she could take on the wind. I used to take her out and see how many doughnuts she could stuff in her cheeks, usually around 8. She would always climb her cage, and try to run on her wheel from the outside, always trying to get up on top.

I could go on, but it's hard to list all of my memories of her. She was one of a kind, vicious but gentle, curious and outgoing, she loved her outhouse, always digging there, she didn't run as much as Hamtaro. She loved to hoard her food, and as soon as we cleaned her cage and gave her new food she would start to hoard it in her house, by the end of the night she would have all of the food in her house. She would get so excited by all of the food, and run around everywhere before finally getting it into her house. When we gave her a granola ball, she would actually hold the entire ball in her mouth, it's too big to fit in her mouth, but she's able to bite on to it. Although nothing I write can stand up and take her place, I've tried to write what I can down, so when I grow old I can still remember her. I have wrote what I have here, plus what I've written about in the past, and what I might add on, will be enough so I never forget her. Goodbye Ebichu.

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