May 06 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 3

Stef and I immediately started to run around the room desperately trying to get dressed. She looked frantic as she struggled to get some pants she found on the floor on. Despite my own inner panic at being caught in the act I couldn't help noticing her breasts jiggling as she slid her pants on. I quickly got her breasts out of my mind however as I got my own clothes on. She quickly did her hair up in a pony tail after sliding her sweater on, no bra I noticed with delight, and we settled down for a moment.

"Wow, at least we got dressed quickly." She whispered.

All of a sudden there was a shout from the first floor, "Stephanie I'm home. How was work?"

"Work was fine, Mikey walked me home, and I invited him in." Stef yelled back down to her mom.

"Oh alright, I was wondering who those shoes at the front belonged to." I could her Stef's Mom a little better, she had started walking up the stairs now. I sat down in the chair and Stef placed herself on the bed. I turned to Stef and she gave me a reassuring smile and I began to calm down, however slightly.

Her mom reached the top of the stairs and entered the room. She had blonde hair, remarkably like Stef's, and she was wearing a blue suit, a little ruffled; it looked like she had a long day at work.

"Hi, so you must be Michael. I'm Stephanie's mom, Mrs. Boychuk. Pleasure to finally meet you, Stephanie has told me a lot about you." She introduced herself. My mind flopped at how formal she seemed, like a perfect business woman, and the fact that Stef has apparently told her all about me.

"It's umm really nice to meet you too." I stammered back.

"So Michael what are you doing for dinner tonight?"

"I wasn't really planning anything."

"Well then I insist you join us for dinner, I always enjoy getting to know Stephanie's friends better."

"I'd love to." I answered back, a little shocked, in all honesty I just wanted to run home right now and "finish" by myself.

"Perfect, dinner will be ready in an hour." And with that she walked out, heading downstairs, leaving Stef and I alone.

"Well that didn't go so bad." I said to Stef.

"Yeah well my parents are usually pretty cool, we would pretty much have to have been having sex when she walked in to freak her out." She laughed. I kissed her. She kissed me back and for the next few minutes we forgot that her mom was even home. However we eventually parted and with a final embrace we began talking.

We talked about each other, I wanted to learn so much about her, and she wanted to know so much about me. Eventually our discussion went back to work, and how we both longed to get revenge on the girls at work.

"We really should do something to get back at them, the way they are always teasing us. We need to, well get our revenge." I stated. "I mean fine, I was okay with what Jessica did to me, but the teasing those girls have put me through afterwards, and all the teasing they have done to you is just intolerable. We can't just tease them back, were too low on the social ladder at work now to really hurt them, they won't care what we say to them, and plus we have nothing to tease them about. We need something to tease them about, and exact our revenge. Now I've been formulating a plan for a while now, Luke doesn't want in, he's not getting teased like me, and he wants to stay on Jessica's good side, but I have a plan... and supplies. Would you please join me in this, so we can both get our revenge, and finally be happy at work again?"

"Umm alright, I'm up for it. I'd love to hear what you have planned."

"Well first off I want to get all the girls that have been bothering us, Sarah, Monica, and Ashley. Then after we have our revenge on them we finally go after Jessica."

"Sounds good to me." She winked.

All of a sudden there was a motherly call from downstairs.

"Stephanie! Michael! Dinner is ready, please join us!" Her mother screamed up at us.

"Well let's go eat. I promise it won't be that bad." She smiled. "I hope." At the look she saw on my face though she started laughing. "Sorry just a little joke, my parents will be great, don't worry."

"Alright, I'll put on my usual charms."

"Well if you do that I'm sure things will go smoothly." She smiled seductively.

We walked down the stairs and she led me to the dining room. Her mom and dad were already seated, right next to each other. We took the chairs right across from them. Her dad was wearing a sweater, he looked to be in his mid 40's, he had dark black hair that seemed a little untidy, and he was laughing and smiling at something Mrs. Boychuk had just said.

"Hi Michael, I'm Stephanie's father, Mr. Boychuk, it's very nice to have you here with us." He welcomed me to the table. He seemed very friendly and this put me at ease, so it was only then that I noticed the food that garnished the table. There was a meatloaf smothered in gravy, some very fluffy stuffing, a great big ceaser salad with cheese and bacon bits, and four tall glasses of milk. All in all it was a perfect wholesome family dinner. I took my food but didn't start eating right away, I wasn't sure if their family said prayers or anything. Stef started digging in right away though, and I quickly followed suit.

"So Stephanie, it's nice to see you making friends, you spend too much time alone." Mr. Boychuk said rather abruptly. Stef blushed, apparently this was an embarrassing topic for her.

Mrs. Boychuk though was quick to the rescue and changed the subject, with a slight glare to her husband. The rest of the dinner went pretty quietly and after dessert, home made apple pie no less, we sat around and talked for a while. Finally Stef and I headed back up to her room to continue planning our revenge and climb back up the social ladder at work. Eventually everything was planned out in detail, and I got ready to leave. I promised to bring a duffel bag of supplies to work tomorrow, and with a quick kiss good bye I left and walked home, eager to finish up preparing for tomorrow.

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