Jan 31 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge

Alright so when I left off I had sworn revenge on Jessica, and revenge I would have. Well this story takes place a few weeks after those first wedgies. Now I was trying to think of a way to get Jessica back but I didn't have any ideas. Well as it turns out I would get help from an unexpected source, one of the new girls who had helped to wedgie me, her name was Stef. She and I had gotten talking the next time we worked together, she was one of the shyer girls, she would talk to people and then quickly shut up, as if it didn't come naturally to her and she was carefully planning out everything she said and did. Then after she thought about what she was going to say she would seem to think it over again, throw it away and just say nothing. Stef was really short, barely scratching five feet. She had long blond hair and sky blue eyes, her figure matched her size perfectly, with a nice round butt just kind of sticking out. I noticed that after a while the other girls began teasing her and she started eating at a separate table on her lunch breaks.

Now I would usually sit with the guys who have been there for a few years, the veterans if you will. One day I decided that I would sit with her because I hate to see people sitting alone (also I was getting teased quite a bit about what Jessica did to me and Luke so I was kind of avoiding people at the time). I sat down and began eating, and we talked and a friendship formed that day, though I was hoping it would lead to more. The more time I spent with her the more and more confident she would grow, until finally it seemed like there were no barriers between us.

One day Stef and I were sitting down and talking about work when three of the mean girls came over to the table. They had this look about them, a sneer to them like they were looking to be extra annoying today. I sighed inwardly to myself and prepared myself for another day of torment. I began to wonder when this was ever going to end, it has already been a month and they are still not letting it go.

"Hey Mikey, how are you? Hang out anywhere good lately?" Sarah laughed smugly at me. "How about you Stef? A geek like you must have gotten a few wedgies now and then, though I'm sure none as bad as what we did to Mikey."

"I'm fine." I muttered while Stef simply blushed and seemed to try to make herself appear smaller than she already was. I just kept eating my food and tried to take everything in stride. The girls seemed to be intent on bothering us today as they encircled our table like a group of vultures about to tear us apart.

"So Stef I see you've found your place in the social ladder. You and Mikey seem to go perfectly together, as both of you seem to be total losers, with a capital L." Monica, the bossiest of the three girls, seemed to taunt them. "You know now that I think about it you two are perfect for each other. Stef is such a shy little nerd, hell I think she's said 5 words the entire time she's worked here! And Mikey here, well he's just a plain loser. Been single how long now Mikey? Though by the way you've been hanging out with Stef I guess that will finally change for you."

I knew she was trying to goad me into giving her some kind of reaction, and I knew Stef would just sit there and take all the verbal abuse they gave us. I decided to myself it's best not to do anything at the moment, all they were going to do is tease us and bully us, and I was right. They continued to call us names and it did eventually get fairly bad, let's just say that comments were made that would be considered very hurtful. I was around the breaking point when lunch break was over and we finally have to go back to work. I spent the rest of my shift in a bad mood, and the girls would tease Stef and I any second they had, making it one of the worst shifts I've had in a while, since that training day at least. Finally it's time to go home and I offer to walk Stef home, as she does not live very far. We walk in silence all the way to her house, and I follow her up to the steps.

"You know my Mom isn't home for another two hours, do you want to come in for a bit?" Stef seemingly mustered up the courage to ask me, how could I refuse?

"Sure, I'd love to come in." I followed her through the door, closing it behind me.

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