Dec 21 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Resolutions Overview For 2008: 2008-12-21

So I'm going through my resolutions for the last year, a look back at how I did for my goals.

  1. Get into culinary school. - Getting in was easy, passing is the hard part. I'm doing good for now, but I wish I focused more, I could be doing better.
  2. Be with Diana the entire year. - Managed this one too rather easily, although there were a few intense fights the last few months have been great, besides barely spending any time with each other. We got over the fights and are better off for it.
  3. Get my driver's license. - Failed this horribly, tried to get a few times, eventually gave up, didn't renew my beginners so actually took a step back.
  4. Write a story (or series) that is longer than 20 pages total. - Didn't reach my twenty page mark for a series, but did do some writing, I wish I wrote a lot more though.
  5. Get computer in the basement running faster, put 98 on it etc., maybe Linux? - Had problems getting Linux on the computer, not as easy an install as Windows. Went with 98, it is at least usable now, though it still tends to freeze up from time to time. Need to get more RAM for it, as 16MB just isn't enough.
  6. Improve specs on computer, ie. more RAM, new cpu, video card? - I ended up maxing out the RAM, if I was to upgrade it any more I'd need a new motherboard. I did see a slight increase in performance, it was enough for my gaming needs. I think I'd like a new video card and sound card, but not really a priority. I'd like to change my partitions a bit as well, need to get Partition Magic again for that. Would like to format the drive as well, re-install Windows XP, I'm having more and more software issues, and a format would be a nice quick fix (Quicktime, Java, having troubles installing, WMP as well, list goes on).
  7. Save up to 6 Grand this year, by end of 2008. - I have met this goal, if you count the money Baba gave me for school. Sadly I couldn't meet this on my own, but I have saved some money. I've stopped saving money now as school means I'm not working nearly as much.
  8. Take a ton of pictures at Key Con. - Didn't take too many pictures, seems just doesn't interest me as much, the taking pictures part that is. Had lots of fun though, which made it worth it.
  9. Get a TV with S-Video. - Didn't really get a new TV, but Mom did, so kind of counts. I bought the wire, and have hooked my TV up to my computer. Although it was awesome, don't use it as much as I thought I would of.
  10. Spend less time on the computer and more time with family and Diana. - This one I failed pretty hard at. My time on the computer seems to have actually increased, although I would like to say I no longer ignore the world around me while I'm on it.

I'd say I got 7/10 again this year, though I seemed to have missed a few of my bigger goals this time. It was a good year though, I do feel a little more lonely, I think I've spent the year isolating myself further from my world if anything, besides Diana. I finally got my hamsters this year, and lost one.

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