Nov 13 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Remus And Romulus: 2008-11-13

So a few days ago I got two new hamsters, Romulus and Remus to take up the empty space created by Ebichu's death. They fought a lot when we tried to put them together so I separated the cages and tubes roughly in half. Romulus took the loop and outlook, Remus has the outhouse and more tubes. I worry a lot more about them now, since Ebichu escaped. They are both very small and timid, Romulus is black and Remus is tan and white.

Romulus seems to be getting along ok with his new surrounds, except his tubes. Although he's perfectly willing to go up his tubes, he will not go down them at all. From what I can tell he goes up there in the morning, and gets stuck because he won't go down, and spends the entire day in the top tubes with no water or food. Although I am sure when he gets hungry enough he will conquer his fear of going down, but I'm also worried he will get sick in the tubes from lack of water. He just kind of sits there waiting for me to let him down, I've tried helping him down, but he won't go unless I actually pick him up and put him back in the cage. He then has some food, drinks his water and runs back up the tubes.

As for Remus, he tends to sleep a lot. Although I'm sure he's fine, all I see him do is sleep in his house, I know he eats and drinks, since his food is disappearing, but I never see him out during the day or night. I'm probably just missing him, as I know he goes out, but I remember how active Hamtaro and Ebichu were when we got them. Everything they do seems to remind me of Ebichu, like the way Remus hoards his food.

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