Oct 10 2008 - Aug 11 2013

New Crab: 2008-10-10

So about a week ago Diana and I went to the store to get a new crab, so Steve isn't lonely. I ended up naming him Elvis after a song I heard on the radio that mentioned him. He's doing fine for now, and they both seem healthy. As far as the hamsters go, both are doing great, though Hamtaro has gotten into the habit of sleeping in a new place every day. He will move all his shavings into one of the corners of his cages and sleep there, a different corner anytime. In fact the only place he hasn't slept is in his house, I think this is because we have been disturbing it too much lately.

My bleach allergen is back, I think it's from school this time. My hands have been burning and itching for a few days now, and they have become dried and cracked. I have talked it over with my Chef at school and we have worked out methods to minimize my contact with the chemicals that contain bleach, hopefully they will start getting better soon. I remember when I quit the Royal Fork it took about a month to get all better, and I needed a lot of lotion.

As for my writing, I haven't given up on it, I have started several new outlines, that just have seemed to have stayed outlines. I really want to write a poem lately, something great, I'm thinking something about fall. I think one day when I have time I will go to the park and write something there, until then I'm stuck.

Tonight will be a late night, or tomorrow will be an early morning, since I've agreed to make perogies for Thanksgiving, I decided I wanted to make them and not just buy them so I can try making them, I've never had a chance to make them before.

As well my error logs have been filling up rather quickly lately, Csoft has said the error is server side and the server needs to be rebooted and have that module fixed. It's been a day and they have yet to do this, I know it's not a big deal, but I hope they fix it soon, my error log is useless right now as I simply delete it all.

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