Apr 27 2008 - Aug 11 2013

My Life Depresses The Goddess Of Happiness, Got Engaged: 2008-04-27

So back to the old wheel now, and it's nice and noise free! Diana put some tape on it so the metal doesn't touch the metal and now it doesn't squeak anymore, and it doesn't rattle like the other one, so I think at last a solution has been found. Also on the 25th got engaged to Diana, which is really great, she's going crazy planning the wedding, which is so cute.

Also I had a dream that I just thought I should share. The details are now a little fuzzy but I remember having a talking white parrot on my shoulder the entire time and being teleported to another dimension, where my parrot could not talk. It looked strangely like Kildonan Place Mall, except there was more free room. I remember being sad and the Goddess of Happiness came to me and asked what's wrong. I said there's nothing happy about my life and she took a look and started crying, which brought the whole realm down because the Goddess of Happiness never cries. All in all, a very depressing dream.

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