Apr 16 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 8: Four Hanging Girls

Stef and I took a quick break after having finished up with Monica. We cleaned up a bit and prepared ourselves for the final part of our plan. Once we were ready we opened all the lockers to reveal the four girls, mostly nude, hanging by their panties in the lockers. Monica looked the worst off, and was not happy to see us again, as were none of the girls. Ashley tried saying something but the gag prevented her from saying anything. Stef went around with her digital camera, taking dozens of pictures of the hanging girls. She took some singles, some close-ups, some of all the girls together; she made sure to get them from various angles and include their faces as often as possible. When she was done I talked to the girls.

"Okay girls, you are all hanging here because you have been nothing but mean to us for a while now. Well you have bullied Stef and I for the last time, we have gotten our revenge on you all. Now to make sure this ends here Stef has taken various pictures of you, which will get out if you retaliate or go narcing on us for what we did. Now if just one of you tries anything all the pictures will get out, to your friends, families, co-workers, so I trust you girls will keep each other in line, for your own sake. Now please nod if you agree to these terms. " I waited and not a single girl had nodded, they were more defiant than I had thought, perhaps they were still a little too mad about their punishment.

"Okay all of you agreed, except one. I'll ask once more, do we have an agreement, or do you want everyone to see these very humiliating pictures of you?" This time three of the girls nodded, everyone except Monica. "Now girls, we have a problem here, one of you isn't quite seeing the bigger picture right now. Monica here doesn't agree to our terms of a truce, she wants this feud to keep going. I'm perfectly willing to let everything you've done to us go, and I see three of you are willing to forgive, forget and move on as well. So Monica, why are you stopping us from all getting along?"

Stef went up to Monica and gleefully ripped the tape off her mouth. "You fucking bitch! When you let me out I'm going to kick your fucking ass! I don't care what you bastards do to me, I will have my revenge. I will..." With that Stef had put the tape back on Monica's mouth, gagging her once more.

"Alright since you three have been so cooperative I will be letting you go right now." Stef began to undo their bindings and help them down. As they got down they very quickly pulled the panties down, to finally get some relief. They put back on their clothes and we were actually getting along, albeit at Monica's expense. They began making fun of her, telling her how nice it was not be be hanging, how glad they were to just listen and get it over with. Sarah had even pulled on Monica's legs, making her groan as the wedgie got even worse for her.

"Now Stef and I are going to leave for ten minutes, to let the rest of you girls "talk" some sense into poor Monica over there. I hope by the time we get back we can all be a lot nicer to each other."

Stef and I left the change room and she embraced me as soon as the door closed. We began kissing and fondling each other, quickly losing track of time. It must of been at least 20 minutes before we walked back into the change room. When we entered the room Monica was sitting on the bench, completely naked and looking very beaten and dejected.

"Okay, I'll agree to your terms, we're all even and equal now." She said with tears dripping down her cheeks. We helped her into her clothes, and we rushed to get to work, the restaurant was supposed to open in fifteen minutes and we had lots to do. She and the other girls have been incredibly nice ever since, and we have all become really good friends, in fact this put an end to pretty much all the feuds, and now we get along just like one big family, the way a restaurant should be.

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