Mar 18 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 7: Messy Monica

It was Monica of course, she had finally showed up, and she looked pretty pissed off at what we had just done to her friend, Jessica. Stef and I stood dazed, not quite sure what to do. Luckily for us Monica made it quite clear what we had to do very soon.

"You uncle fuckers better let Jessica out right now or I will beat the shit out of your little nerd bodies!" She shouted at us. I had no intention of letting Jessica, or any of the other girls free just yet, and I knew Stef thought the same. Monica started walking towards us, confidence in her steps, heading towards the locker we had just stuffed Jessica into. She looks at the lock and yells "Open this lock right now!".

Stef moved towards the locker, but as she got close instead of opening it up she charged at Monica and was quickly pushed to the ground. I ran at Monica next and tried pushing her to the ground, but she rebutted my attack and I fell to the floor. Stef went at her again and wrapped herself around Monica's waist. She then fell to the ground and took Monica with her. She tried to roll over and get on top of Monica, but Monica was stronger and kept her underneath. As Monica tried to roll over to face Stef I went at her again, pinning her down and getting her off of Stef. She tried to push me off of her, but I managed to stay on top. Stef came back to help me and together the two of us easily overpowered Monica, tying her hands behind her back and her legs together to keep her still.

"Hey you too fuckers better let me go right now, or there'll be hell when I'm out!" She was screaming at us. She began ranting and raving to be let go, struggling to get out, and generally being a pain in the ass. I took the duct tape and taped her mouth shut, finally shutting her big mouth up. Stef and I took the scissors and began cutting off all of her clothes, leaving nothing to cover the brunette. Stef went and got some chocolate syrup from the cooler. While she was gone I took a pair of classic white cotton panties from the duffel bag and put them on Monica. Stef came back with the syrup as I began to give Monica most likeley her first wedgie ever. I could hear her squeal into the tape as I started to pull. Stef poured a little of the syrup down the front of Monica's new panties and Monica started really moving her hips as the cold liquid hit her pussy. I then hung her up in her locker and Stef ran to get more stuff for our fun.

She came back shortly with a box of various items. She took some eggs out from the box and cracked 3 into Monica's panties, 2 in the back and one in the front. I lifted Monica up so the hanging wedgie wasn't holding her up, and Stef peeled 4 bananas into the panties, 2 in the front and 2 in the back. I let Monica go and let the wedgie squish the bananas into her. It was fun to watch her squirm as the bananas began to ooze out of her panties. Stef then took a bottle of honey out from the box and poured it all over Monica, from her shoulders down, covering her body in liquid honey. With that I closed the locker on the door and we began preparations for the four hanging girls we now had in our custody.

This story seems rushed, even though it took me a while to write. I would of originally liked to go into greater details on their torture of Monica, the ring-leader. Now I am just trying to get this series finished as I've been struggling with it for a while now. I think it shows in my work that this has been hard to write, but I hoped you enjoyed the read anyway.

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Letsgo_leafs420 - 2014-08-03 20:40:00:

Really good work. I got pretty hard from this

wedgie getter - 2014-08-27 00:44:57:

ok wedgie i loved it and wished it happened to me.

wedgie...bitch420 - 2014-11-15 16:23:51:

i love messy

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