Jan 01 2009 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 6: Jessica's Doom

I knocked on the office door and waited patiently for Jessica to open up. She took her time, she never seemed to be in any rush. Finally the wooden door creaked open, and there was Jessica, sitting in her nice cozy office chair. I could see she was on the computer, checking her e-mail from the looks of the screen.

"What do you want now Mikey?" She asked.

"Revenge." I stated simply, immediately realizing how corny it sounded. I began to move in on Jessica, and Stef followed me from behind.

"Wait, what exactly are you two doing?" Jessica asked, with a hint of fear in her voice.

"We're here to get our revenge on you and the rest of the girls for the way we've been treated these last few months, and then everything will be even, and we can all finally be one big happy family again." I said.

"Well I won't go without a fight." Jessica roared as she charged at Stef, immediately grabbing her in a bear hug. Stef fought back and wrapped her arms around Jessica, and the two fell to the floor and started grappling. I tried to get to help Stef out but the two kicking flailing women prevented me from getting close. The two girls rolled around on the floor, each trying to gain the upper hand. Eventually Jessica landed on top of Stef, and Stef was unable to push her off. That's when I made my move and grabbed Jessica, holding her arms behind her back, effectively binding her.

"Hey let me go right now! You have no right to do this to me!" Jessica screamed at us.

"Just like you haven't had the right to bully Stef and I for the last few months, and let the other girls bully us." I stated. "You humiliate and degrade us on a daily basis, never saying anything nice, always putting us down for one thing or another. You never let me forget that day, always reminding me of how humiliated I was to be hung there, you and all the other girls. You never let Stef really become a member of this restaurant's family, always keeping her as an outsider, teasing her, pushing her away, and why, because she is shy, because she tends to be a bit of a loner, because she has problems talking to people she hasn't known all her life? You treat us like utter crap every day, making our life miserable, pushing us further and further away from everyone. Well I'm going to tell you something, we are not going anywhere. We are going to exact our revenge on you, and then we can all finally go back to being a nice little family, despite everyone's unique quirks."

Jessica looked at me, with what I hope was understanding in her eyes, though it was probably fear, as Stef forced the gag into Jessica's mouth. I then bound Jessica's hands with a pair of handcuffs, and proceeded to do the same to her feet. I then put my hands down Jessica's skirt, grabbed her thong, and started dragging her to the change room. She struggled at first, but then I guess the pain got to her and she started to come along as quick as she could, trying to keep up with my tugging.

Once inside the change room Stef began to strip Jessica of all her clothes, taking off and putting on the handcuffs as needed. She took everything off except her thong, exposing her lovely breasts, which I tried not to stare at. I however did manage to take a few pictures with my cell phone and upload them to my online album, while Stef made sure Jessica was exposed.

I carefully attached two nipple clamps onto Jessica's perk nipples, and by the look on her face I know they hurt. Next was something I know Stef was looking forward to as I saw the gleam in her eyes as she took the whip out from our duffle bag. I had Jessica bend over on the bench, pushing her ass into the air. Stef began to move the whip back and forth over Jessica's ass, letting her know it was there. All of a sudden she sprung the whip back and let it fly, hitting Jessica's left ass cheek square on. I could hear Jessica moan in pain each time the whip hit, a kind of guttural sound coming from her throat.

Finally Stef had enough fun whipping Jessica's ass, it didn't last too long as Stef seemed to have lost all of her rage earlier on Ashley. We went to hang Jessica in her locker, but as we were closing the door her thong snapped and she fell. Luckily we were prepared for this and took out a pair of white cotton panties from the duffle bag and put them on Jessica. The fit was a little tight but it worked, and we hung her successfully this time. As we closed the locker door on Jessica we heard a voice from the change room door say:

"Just what the fuck do you two fucking nerds think you're doing here?"

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