Dec 20 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Michael's Revenge Part 5: Ashley's Ass

We continued work as usual, making sure the prep was being done and the restaurant was being set up for lunch service. Lucky for us Jessica was busy in the office and didn't notice her missing employee. We knew we would have to act fast soon, at 10:00 Ashley would start work, 10:30 Monica would be coming in, and at 11:00 the restaurant opens, and they couldn't do all of the work by themselves, they would need the other employees back by then. The plan was to get Ashley as soon as she came in, Jessica shortly after, and finally Monica when she came in, and have all the girls released and working by 11:00, somehow.

Stef and I worked our asses off making sure everything was ready, she had extra work to do in the front, since she was by herself. I tried to help out, but even though I had someone with me it took was still a lot of work. Any free time I had in between prepping items of food was spent helping Stef out in the front. Jessica would come out from time to time and help Stef out; apparently oblivious to the fact she was missing her cashier.

Luckily, for Stef and I, Ashley came in early to work to get changed, around quarter to ten. Stef walked into the change room without me, I was busy making stuffing and couldn't leave until it was done. I suppose I really should not have finished the stuffing, because the scene that awaited me by the time I got there was unbelievable.

Stef had Ashley stripped completely naked and bent over the bench, legs and arms handcuffed, ass sticking high up into the air. Stef had a wooden paddle in her hand and was in the process of getting out all of her aggressions on Ashley's poor ass, and it seemed she wasted no time judging by how beet red her ass already was. Stef acknowledged my presence but continued to beat on Ashley with the paddle, sometimes hitting her ass with her bare hand. I stood mesmerized in the door for a few minutes at least, watching as the paddle would come down on Ashley, making her ass jiggle in continuous waves. Finally I found myself able to move again, and I walked around this fascinating scene to look at Ashley.

Her blonde hair covered her face, but I could see a red ball gag sticking out, keeping her from screaming. Her tears flowed freely, wetting the bench as they streamed onto it. I looked again at her ass and it was all red, and Stef didn't seem to be anywhere near stopping. I quickly moved towards Stef and grabbed the paddle from her before she hit Ashley again. She seemed slightly dazed by this and looked at me rather confused. After a while of staring at me she embraced me and held me tightly in her arms, pulling me in close enough to feel her heart racing. I wrapped my arms around her and soothed her until she calmed down, eventually breaking our embrace with a kiss.

At that, we both turned to Ashley. We knew that she had been punished more than enough, and decided to quickly finish it. Stef put Ashley's panties back on her and I helped stuff her in the locker next to Sarah, hanging from her plain white panties. The gag was still in her mouth but the tears had stopped flowing, and were down to a mere trickle. I closed the door and Stef and I started walking towards the office.

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