Nov 11 2007 - Aug 11 2013

Love Fill The World

I can't understand why there is so much fighting in the world right now. I mean how can one person actually want to, if not draw joy from, harm other people, where's the sense in that? Why can't everyone in the world realize that they are all just like everyone else? No one wants to lose a family member in a car bombing so why would you kill someone else's family member by bombing their car. How can you kill anyone knowing that you are bringing grief to their family? Why do people see the need to hate anyone else, what's the point in hating people?

I can see the problem, people are like sheep, and someone tells them to kill so they kill. Someone tells them to burn the village so they burn the village. The leaders can't actually see the damage and despair they are causing so they just keep ordering more cruelty. If people would just focus on what keeps us together instead of thinking up ways to keep us apart the world would be a better place. If everyone in the world stood up one day and said "No. I will not fight for you. I will not kill for you. I will not bring other people pain for you. This has gone on for long enough and it is time you stop the fighting."

If people would just open their minds to everyone's point of view they would realize that fighting is pointless. If everybody just asked themselves what they would do if they were in the other person's position humankind would come to a greater understanding. All the people doing the killing today are just doing it because they are being told to, well we as a species are better than that. It is time we stop hurting others because we are told to, whether it be by government or religion, we need to take a stand and not harm others. Let's truly give peace a chance, and build to a better tomorrow. Why must everyone be angry at something, when we could all just love something?

Everyone has someone they love, and they know how they would feel if they lost their love, and everyone is loved by someone so knowing this how can you take a person's life knowing the grief that it will cause the people that loved that person. I simply cannot understand the mentality that people put themselves in to do all the damage that they do.

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