Jun 15 2011 - Aug 11 2013

L.A. Noire

I just finished the main storyline in L.A. Noire on PS3. The storyline was quite satisfying though around the end I wasn't paying as much attention. There are choices but they could of been more varied. Although I liked the questioning, it was rather easy to tell if they were lying after a while, the hard thing for me was figuring out the evidence, there were a few times I called them on something that I thought I had proof for, but my proof wasn't the correct one. The gameplay was fun, I loved the shooting, and the driving wasn't too bad (compared to GTA IV). I remember on other GTA games I used to have a lot easier time driving, but the controller was different.

I was hoping for a more open environment, but everything felt very controlled. When driving on the sidewalks people dodged too easily, and there was no way to pull my guns out or punch people unless it was a action sequence. I was hoping for something more open like the GTA games, I should be able to do whatever I want, but have it affect my case rating, or have me declared a vigilante and have the cops come after me until I'm dead and then it restarts where I left off in the case. Clue finding wasn't too bad, but there wasn't enough randomness, I'm fine that you can only open doors with gold handles, but there should of been more doors to open.

The DLC is annoying, first cause the store was down for a month, and then because the cases could of been included in the game. I don't mind them giving different outfits, or guns to pre-orders, but a different case depending on what store you bought it from is annoying. These extra cases should of been included in the game, and then maybe a few months down the road come out with some new cases in an expansion or something. I dislike the face that there are hidden trophies, probably for the cases coming out in July, I assume the cases are already done if they have trophies ready for them, they're just waiting to release them. I downloaded the cases I got from wall-mart, and they were nice, but I don't plan getting any more.

The film reels I didn't bother to get, I didn't come across a single one during regular game play, or any during my few hours or searching. If I wanted them all I'd have to use a guide, and I don't see the point, I'm kind of done playing the game anyway. The streets of L.A. were fun way of playing after the game is done, though with only ten street crimes there isn't much to do but drive. I hated having to keep quitting to switch which version I'm on, a master version when you beat the game would of been nice. Again the lack of freedom shows, streets of L.A. could of been a lot more fun, but you can only do the same street crimes over and over. The inability to get in chases is where a lot of fun is lost. Maybe you could even start shooting random gangsters and bring the mob down on you, something to give you freedom. When I do a street case it gets boring by the third time around, the chase is going to be exactly the same, there is no variation.

Collecting the cars was nice, I got 93 cars by the time I was done the game, and there was only one car I had to reload several times to find. The Pontiac Torpedo Six was the last one I had to find, I eventually found it on 6th and park. I figured out a good way to get 5 stars is to let your partner do all the driving, which is a really nice feature. Saves a lot of time, and you don't do any damage.

I give this game a 5.5 out of ten.

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