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Kicks At The Pool

Recently my girlfriend and I went on a short road trip to the states to do some shopping. The motel we were staying at had a decent swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna and we intended to take full advantage of them during our trip. We left Friday morning and were going to head back Sunday afternoon.

Our first night there we were fairly tired from the trip but we decided to go down and relax anyway, to stretch and soak our muscles; mostly to lounge in the hot tub. When we got down to the pool after putting everything in our room and changing we found it empty except another young couple. They were slowing swimming around the pool enjoying the water.

We joined them in the pool and were calmly floating around, trying not to bump into each other. After a little while we were more relaxed and we started to swim some laps and goof around a little, having fun. The other couple started talking to us and we started up a friendly conversation. We were both in the city for shopping and we were both leaving on the Sunday. We headed to the hot tub together and talked some more. After the jets turned off from the timer we decided to head to bed as we were still very tired from the drive. We said our good nights and agreed to meet up in their room the next day for some drinks before going swimming again.

The next day we spent shopping, picking up such exclusive American items as vanilla and cherry coke, a wide selection of cereals and snacks, clothes, liquors and anything else we could find. Mostly vanilla coke though. After we got back we relaxed for a little bit, watched some television, had a quick nap and then headed over to our new friend's room.

We talked for a little while, having our Jack Daniels coolers we picked up from the liquor store and mixing some rye and coke. The conversation flowed very smoothly and we were all enjoying ourselves very much. After a couple of hours we decided to head down to the pool.

When we got down there the swimming pool still had some people lazily swimming in it but the hot tub was empty so we decided to head there first. We chatted some more and started goofing off, little splashes and pushes back and forth. Very shortly the pool emptied out so we headed over there to do some swimming.

As we were just in the hot tub the water was a lot colder to the touch than was expected, however being in the slightly inebriated state we were in we didn't care for long and dived right in. We were a lot more lively than the night before and were making big splashes, swimming laps, shouting and generally having a great time.

Before long an friendly argument arose about who could hold their breath the longest underwater. We agreed on a contest where we would take turns in pairs, me and him, then the girls, and see who could stay down the longest. Finally we had to agree on a wager, we didn't have anything on us besides our swimming gear so I slyly suggested that the winner could kiss the girl of the loser while the loser has to strip. And then when the girls played the winning girl got to kiss the boy of the loser; and then the losing girl would have to strip. However the girls were worried about the security cameras and vetoed the stripping. Then the girl grinned and said she had an idea. The losing male would take a kick to the nuts, and then since the girls weren't willing to get kicked the losing girl's man would take a kick. We all laughed and agreed to the terms of the wager.

Up first was us guys trying to hold our breath the longest. We both got by the ladder to help hold us down. We were evenly matched but after what had to be at least a minute I began to lose it and surfaced. He then surfaced shortly after me. The girl laughed and said its time to pay up.

We both got out of the pool and paired off with each others girls. We agreed the kiss wouldn't last more than a minute, and if the kick missed its target she got to kick again. She led me away from the pool to beside the deck chairs. I was nervous I would fall down or look weak in front of my girlfriend and this new girl. I looked over at my girlfriend and noticed she was already making out with him, quite passionately too; which sort of turned me on. I spread my legs and pulled up my trunks a bit to make the target a little more visible, I didn't want to get kicked twice. She swung her leg back and shot it forward making perfect contact with my left nut. I tried to stay standing as she started to smile and laugh at me with glee. She came over and helped me to the ground and held me while we watched our significant others enjoyed each others lips.

After they were done it didn't take me much longer to recover. My girlfriend came over to help hold me as well for a bit, she was more concerned but the two of them still laughed at my anguish together. We talked and laughed about what had happened and we all agreed we were happy and wanted to move on to the girls round. Plus the more time I spent with this new girl, and seeing the two of them make out, made me really want to have my chance with her.

The girls got in the water, by the ladder again, and on the count of three they both dived. Unfortunately my girl didn't last very long at all and in less then twenty seconds she surfaced. She looked at me as if to say sorry, but in a mischievous kind of way. The other girl waited a while before also surfacing. We paired off again, and I could see the two of them were quick in getting back into it.

She had me spread my legs again and put my hands behind my head; I was having trouble with flinching and covering up this time. She looked me in the eyes and with a wicked smile took a step back, and snapped her leg forward hitting both my nuts with the flat of her foot. I didn't even try this time and just went straight to the ground. She laughed out loud and clapped her hands, she was definitely enjoying herself, and as she came to comfort me again we could see our partners were enjoying themselves as well.

We regrouped and all agreed we wanted to keep playing together. I was a little shy about keeping this up, but I was also really hopeful things would turn around. We agreed the next contest would be a lap of the pool, to the end and back again. We also agreed to raise the stakes a little, this time the winner got to feel and explore the body of the losers partner, while they had to remain still for a minute. As well, although I argued against it, kicks were doubled to two kicks instead of one. Both girls were really for it, and the other guy was indifferent as I guessed he felt safe.

The guys were up first so we both got in the water and did some stretching and warm ups before starting. My girlfriend wished me good luck and told me to win as she really wanted her chance to kick some balls and get revenge for me. On the count of three we took off and by the time we got to the end you could tell all my swimming lessons were paying off. I passed him on the way back and took my first victory.

As we got out of the water both girls appeared fairly happy, though my opponent seemed a tad apprehensive about his lot. We paired off again and I was trying hard not to show my excitement. I looked over and saw my girlfriend deliver the first devastating kick, she was really avenging me. I turned my focus to the woman before me. Our eyes met and she gave me a welcoming smile. I started feeling her smooth skin, moved in and started kissing her. I moved my hand down under her bikini bottom and felt her ass. It was near perfect, firm and soft. The minute was up way too quickly and we parted. I looked over at my girlfriend and she was cradling the guy as he looked in a good deal of pain. She went to him and took over comforting him while my girlfriend and I embraced.

Next was the girls turn to race. I was really rooting for my girl as I really didn't want to get kicked again. It was really close but sadly my girl lost. The other girl grinned as she got out of the pool. Too bad she told me, she was really looking forward to feeling me up and checking out what damage she's done so far. Still she seemed eager to do more. She told me to get on my knees and I put my hands behind my head again. She smiled down at me, took a step back and rocketed her foot into my balls.

It was impossible not to curl up. She started prodding me, she wanted her other kick nice and quick. I looked over at my girlfriend and saw her with her hand down his trunks and her other hand on his ass, they both had big grins on their faces. The sight of this really turned me on again and I got into position for my second kick. She hit my quick and hard before I was even really prepared, hitting them spot on once again. I went down again, they were still hurting from the first kick and now it was just agony. She came over and rubbed my inner thighs. Her touch was so delicate, but wow her kicks were so brutal.

We reconvened again to decide what to do next. Everyone was smiling and laughing and having a great time, even me with all the pain I had just gone through. I was really feeling very sexual, and I could tell everyone else was as well. We decided we needed a break from the games and contests so we all headed back to the hot tub to relax and play. The water was nice and hot after the pool, and the jets felt good on my muscles.

We really enjoyed ourselves very much under the bubbles, with some rubbing and touching, laughter and more games. After that we headed to the sauna for a while, and then as we were all tired we called it a night, and never saw each other again. I think both couples knowing this would be our last night seeing each other made us a lot more daring. We never did exchange names. I think being anonymous kind of added to the thrill. Also swimming and alcohol do not mix, for safety reasons.

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