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Okay so this is how Key-con 2005 went down in my eyes. On Friday I woke up and packed my bag, left all my school stuff behind except a piece of paper and a pen that I was going to use for school that day. During lunch I went to the bank to get some cash, about $400 dollars to be exact, I'm still trying to figure out how I spent it all at the con. I left 40 at home for the money I owed my mom then I went back to school for the rest of class.

At 3:15 I got on the 11 and went downtown, but somehow I went past the Radisson Hotel and went to Polo Park instead, I then headed back and realized I went past the hotel again, I then got off the bus and started walking until I found the hotel. I then went to pick up my pre-reg pass, which of course took forever even though I got there so early, the passes got disorganized so it took a while for them to find mine, there was a girl, Jenna who was right behind me in line, who I while get into further detail later. They found my pass which said "Koji The Wise" and I headed back downstairs at which point I ran into my friends Jackie and Mel.

We hung around the store downstairs for a little while then headed to the pool, it was only 4:30 at the time and we had 2 and a half hours of swimming to do before the ice cream was available. When we got there we all went to the change rooms and I was changed and showered in about 5-7 minutes. I was waiting outside for at least 10 more minutes, you know how girls are; they take forever to change. When they finally came out we headed towards the pool and jumped in. The water was remarkably warm and just plain perfect for swimming, and after about half an hour we started to play games, I would take the girls legs and force them to do a somersault in the water. The girls would obviously try to stop me and all around fun was had by all. We then went into the hot tub for a bit then back to swimming etc. About 6:45 we decided to get out so we can get some ice cream. The girls once again took a lot longer than me so I decided to knock on the door, they yelled, "come in" but I think twice then Jackie came out so I decided it was safe and came in. The girls were finished dressing just had to wait for them to dry their hair, which of course took forever; eventually we headed to the ice cream social.

At the ice cream social Mel and Jackie each got chocolate, while I on the other hand choose to get 1 scoop chocolate, 1 strawberry and 1 vanilla, a neapolitan, the true flavour of indecisive people everywhere. After that we headed upstairs to see what was going on, nothing much yet, the WAC room was open along with the video room, the sleeping dragon and the trek room, but short plank and the 3 brooms were still not open, so the girls decided to go downstairs to the medieval dance while I decided to stay upstairs. When the 3 brooms opened up I decided to head downstairs and tell them, because they really wanted some Butter Beer.

I got down to the medieval dance and watched them dance for a bit, then when the dance was over I told them 3 brooms was open, but they insisted that I put down the camera and come dance with them. The deal was that if I dance Jackie would let me take a picture of her, so I then proceeded to make a fool of myself on the dance floor. We then headed upstairs and I got 3 Butter Beer's that were just absolutely excellent. I then proceeded to the witch's brew and then the gilly water that came in shot glasses. We proceeded to have a chugging contest with the Butter Beer and a shot contest with the gilly water. At around 11 Jackie left and then Mel got off the elevator and left too, though it took me a while to realize this because she just walked off without saying goodbye, but apparently she did tell me so whatever. I then hung around the WAC room a bit, played some games, drank a bit of the short plank's rum and punch. At about 2 I was at the WAC room and finally got a good chair and took a little nap.


I woke up about 4 and headed down to the 12th where I found some con-goers who stole a Norwegian flag off a bridge, and they had the flag to prove it. I hung out there until about 5:30 at which time I walked Cassandra (hope I'm spelling/remembering it right, note this goes for all names: P) to her room, then I headed back downstairs and then to McDonald's for breakfast. At about 11 Mel came back and we hung out for a little bit, then around noon I saw Jenna again and somehow we ended up seeing the Incredibles together, at which point I managed to hold her hand, oh and by the way the Incredibles is an awesome movie.

She was with the Trek room and we cuddled there for a while. I remember there being a Tribble burger in the room at this point. then We went swimming next, her suit had buckles on them and I had a little fun with that, Then around 3 we left to go back up to the trek room. At 6 was the masquerade, and at midnight was the slave auction, in which I was going to buy her :). So Jenna and I went back to cuddling, but she wouldn't let me kiss her that much (we kissed once). At around 5 my friend Jason showed up with 2 lightsabers (real expensive ones) at which point we began to duel, he won each time, then I bought one of them off him for 100 which I immediately began to regret. I lent it to a practised swordsman who really showed Jason up, and then headed to the masquerade, at which point I realize I'm low on film so sadly I don't get that many pictures. I then also realized I lost 2 used rolls of film so I asked Jenna and she said she saw two rolls by the telephones where Jason and I were duelling. After the masquerade I headed over there but couldn't find the film, and it wasn't in the lost and found.

So around 8 I head downstairs to check the lost and found again, and when I get back Jenna and Jason were gone, apparently they went somewhere together. I could not find them for a few hours; meantime I go back to the WAC room to watch some anime. They find me there and we go to short plank at which point Jason pays $50 to lock me up in the jail, 50 cents a minute so I was there for 100 min or aprx. an hour and a half. Jason and Jenna leave me there while I wait for my time to finish, during which I do sit-ups, ring my cup on the bar, you know prisoner stuff.

I finally got out and went to find them, I see them leaving the video room and I go over to say hi, and cuddle with Jenna :P. Once there however, Jenna is hanging off of Jason and is totally not being interested in me and she kind of pushes me away. I stay in the trek room with them and Cassandra kind of gives me the "are you sure you're okay" talk. A few people ask me why I don't do something about it, or at least knock Jason out, I just tell them it's not worth getting kicked out of the con for. I'm sitting on the couch with them at witch point they move to the chair and start really kissing, at which point am I grateful for jello shooters, had at least 7 of them and some more pirate's drink. I then think about it and realize that Jenna was just going along with me, she never really liked me she just didn't want to turn me down or something, at which point I get more depressed.

By the time the auction starts I have $65 left. When it's her turn to be sold I wasn't really too sure if I actually wanted to buy her anymore, but then my stupid brain told me if I buy her I might still have a chance to get her back. So the bidding started and I let the bid get to 30, going once going twice, I raise to 60, ending up costing me 65 after someone raised again. She also buys herself a slave, and we head to the trek room, after about 10 minutes I realize how stupid I am because I can't tell her to stop hanging around Jason, so in the end nice guys finish last. I wander around aimlessly end up staying in the WAC room a lot, and getting really drunk as is the custom. I took brief naps on the couch that night until about 1030 when stuff started going on again.


Ahh yes Sunday, I really don't remember much of, drank during most of the day and night. I ended up kind of watching Jenna and Jason that got me real sad and mad so I decided that I needed weed. I managed to find some and toked up which I regret because I managed to go a month and a half without despite easy access and I ended up having a lapse, but it did make me mellow out and I could stand being around them for a while.

There was this fun little girl who was going around kicking pushing everyone, but I was holding a drink so she couldn't come after me for risk of spillage. I ended up staying awake the entire night. Around 3 or so basically everyone in the WAC room was asleep, and Kat found a way to sleep a chair and cooler which was really unique, she looked like an angel sleeping there, it was around this point that I realized that Jenna wasn't worth getting all emotional over. Eventually Kat woke up and went to bed and I took over the room for about 5 hours until it was time to start cleaning up, at which point it was Monday but I am still writing this under Sunday. We debated on the best way to wake them up, at which it was agreed that opening the blinds would be suitable, but they still didn't get up. Then we realized that Brent was already awake for an hour and we started cleaning. I left around 9, took the 11 then the 47 to Kildonan Place and walked home for an hour thinking about the con, and then I got home around 11 and slept until about 10pm and now I'm writing this and getting ready to go back to sleep.

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