Sep 30 2008 - Aug 11 2013

I've Got Hamsters In My Jacket: 2008-09-30

I got home rather early today, and after I was done cleaning up the yard I decided to take Ebichu for a walk; I chose her over Hamtaro because she was the only one willing to actually wake up. So we go to the park and I take her on the swings, and then to the tennis court, where I watch as she runs the length back and forth, she loves running and over there she can keep running in her little ball for about 100 feet before having to stop. When she seemed to be getting tired out I turned around and headed home.

This is when the problems began, her ball was now filthy, and I didn't want her in a minute longer than I had to, so I took her out. I was having trouble closing the lid so I put her in my pocket while I closed the lid. I reached my hand back into my pocket to pull her out for the walk home and she's gone. I frantically began looking all over the place for her, but to no luck. Desperate I get on the ground to try to find her, at which point I notice my jacket moving.

So I reached my hand into my jacket pocket looking for a hole, finding none. Then I reach my hand up and sure enough there's a tiny little space where they never closed the pocket, I confirmed this with my other pocket, they were designed so they open to the top. Now knowing my Ebichu, if I reached my hand in there to try to pull her out in the darkness of my jacket I am sure to get bitten, so I hurry on home, carefully holding the part of the jacket that she is in. Once home I carefully put my jacket down and tried to guide her back toward the pocket, with no luck. I knew what I had to do, so I got the scissors and cut on opening in the lining to let her out. She looked into the opening and looked up at me, and ran right back into the jacket!

I'm guessing she was loving it in the jacket and didn't want to leave. So I struggled with her for a few minutes, before finally getting her a treat to lure her out. As soon as she got out I gave her the treat and she shoved the whole thing in her mouth, her cheek looked so big. I then put her back in her home and gave her a lemon drop, and as of writing this she has gone back to sleep in her new special sleeping spot (she took all the shavings in the cage and piled them in the corner with the wheel, then dug herself a hole and stuffed it with tissue, she's been sleeping there for two days).

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