Oct 26 2013 - Oct 26 2013


It was a dark and -

"Oh wow I exist!" Nick rudely interrupted.

"Holy shit! You're going to kill me!" Nick suddenly realized.

"Please don't! I just came into existence. I have a whole life to live. I have places to go, things to see, I haven't even taken a single action yet. I have a wife and twins, not even a year old yet. Please don't do this! I'm begging of you, change your mind. It doesn't have to end like this!" Nick unsuccessfully pleaded.

"I have so much to do, I haven't even seen anything yet. " Nick earnestly thought he had some kind of life ahead of him, that a whole future was laid out for him, but sadly it will be cut short.

"Who will take care of my wife and kids? Don't do this, let me live!" Nick cried in vain.

"Oh no, you haven't even thought of my wife and kids. Nothing is going to happen to them at all. After I'm gone you aren't even going to bother caring what happens to them. You won't even give them a second thought. Please think of my family! " Nick continued to plead without hope. Soon his life would literally come crashing down on him.

"Really! That's how you're going to kill me off? Of all the stupidest ways to die, that's how you finish me off? Can't I at least go out in a heroic battle or something? Defending my family, some meaning to my existence. If I'm going to die I would like it to have meaning. " Nick prattled on.

"So you're going through with this, well can I at least say goo-..." Nick's life was ended swiftly when an anvil fell on and quickly crushed his head. Perhaps in his next life he'll learn not to interrupt people while they are writing.

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