Oct 22 2008 - Aug 11 2013

I Have Quit Runescape: 2008-10-22

Today I officially quit Runescape. I was planning on getting it all in one drop at Party Pete's, but someone pulled the lever so it ended up being two. I seemed to have brought all of Runescape down for it, for the brief ammount of time it lasted. I regret not being able to give it to my friends, but the new trade system prevents me from doing so, and I am not going to try to get around that. Also most of my friends have already left the game before me.

Now I guess the question most people, at least those that play, will ask is why did I leave? Well I wasn't playing the game at all, I was basically just on for quests, which seemed to have deteriorated in quality, becoming more childlike to me. Now I'm not sure if this is because I'm older, or it really is more childlike quests. Even the Vamprye quest series, which is apparently the most adult, has very childish dialogue, and I mind myself unable to get into it. I played the game mostly for the quests, I didn't do a lot of team stuff besides Pest Control.

Now I don't hate the changes they've made, but by splitting it up by level, people seem to have gotten even ruder in that game, which ruins the fun. I played it a lot since it came out, only leaving for quests, until the changes came around. I played it for a few weeks still, usually going to the lower level boats, the low level's may be more childish, but the high levelers are just too rude for me. I found the changes just weren't for me so I moved on.

Slowly I find less and and less of the game is fun to me, and if the game isn't fun, what am I still doing on it? Pest Control and the trade system were pretty much the last straws for me, after that I just couldn't seem to get into any of the new content they produced, I even stopped doing the quests. I'm glad I quit as it gives me one less thing to worry about, and I'm finally free to explore other games. I might pop in from time to time, all my items may be gone, but I never cared about the items that much, it was more about the experience for me anyway.

There have been a lot of fun times, and bad times, and I have met a lot of really great people who were always there to help me out of the jams I would find myself in (poisoned in the desert, magic level dropped to 1 so can't teleport, they ran to me to save my items, back when that mattered (no grave markers)). I have also met some bad people, who would prey on my kindness, but they were far and in between, and in a way they helped me, as they made me better at telling those genuinely in need from those who just want a quick buck. I'm not going to name names, but you know who you are, who were my Runescape friends. I remember my greatest achievements, getting my Quest Cape the day it came out, finishing the last quest I needed the day before.

The fight pits were always a great source of fun, though I never was really into them, as it was hard to compete, I would go there a few hours a week and just do my best to damage the extremely high levels, and sometimes, if I got lucky with my poison and specials, I could kill one, and even more rarely even win. It used to be a big part of my life, but now I've found other things to occupy myself with, though it still does leave a void.

As a side note my account was "Koji981", and I had it for about 4 years.

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