Sep 16 2008 - Aug 11 2013

I Got Crabs: 2008-09-16

Well all the coding for the cooking section is done (only took about 20 minutes to set it up). I've created placeholders for the pages I need to create from my journal, I just need to type it in. The same goes for my "On Democracy", I've gotten a lot of good notes down I just need to type them up into the site.

In other news Mom came home from the states and she brought me crabs, hermit crabs to be specific. They seem really easy to take care of, which is good because I don't have that much time for my pets nowadays. I'm happy to get them, though a little scared I'll admit, I keep thinking they'll pinch me or something. I suppose I'll get used to them like I got used to holding the hamsters, just takes time. Also there don't seem to be as many accessories (except new shells for them as they grow) so that's pretty good (if you know all the stuff I got the hamsters you'll understand). There doesn't seem to be anywhere to really put them, I've placed them beside Ebichu for now, I doubt they will bother her as they are in a plastic container. I will look further into their care when I have time, they seem friendly enough. The one in the Spiderman shell is Peter, and the one in the Superman shell is Clark.

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