Mar 25 2013 - Aug 11 2013

Host/Registar Move: 2013-03-25

I have moved all my services to DreamHost from GoDaddy and csoft. I was happy with csoft as a hosting provider, this was done more to save money. Dreamhost will provide 1 free domain name per hosting package, as well I got a discount for signing up with the reddit promo code. I have fixed all the code that needed fixing, and in the process made my site a little more secure (fixing up old bad code). If you want to sign up with DreamHost (I've found them really good so far, cheap and quick fast service), use promo code "absurdity981" for 1 free lifetime domain registration and $50 off a one year hosting plan, or $60 off a two year hosting plan.

I have also added a link to DreamHost along with the promo code information to the sidebar. To accommodate this change I have moved the random links to the top, and the ad space to the bottom so as it doesn't detract from the actual site. I have done this to try to get this website to pay for itself, or at least pay for some of its associated costs. I will not fill this site with ads, this will be the one advertisement on the website. I may in turn add a donation button to the website, or turn the ad space into a donation space.

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