Oct 13 2008 - Aug 11 2013


Metaphorically speaking there is a "Stairway to Heaven" and a "Highway to Hell". Just imagine that you are traveling down a road and you come to a crossroad. To the left of you there is a stairway stretching into the sky way above the clouds and straight ahead there is a Rolls Royce and a download slope that seems to just keep getting lower. You have a choice, to continue going on the path you have chosen and get in the car and drive, or you can turn to the left and start walking up those stairs, which do you choose?

You have to walk to heaven, because the way of good is harder to take than the path to hell that is why it is called stairway to heaven. The path of light is a hard one to choose, it requires many sacrifices; you have to take an upward journey on said stairway to be considered good. It is a hard journey but it may be worth it.

On the other hand, you can just drive to hell on a highway thus the name highway to hell, a downward curve making it very easy to do, and it would be the easier of the two options.

Although it is easier to drive than to walk and it is easier to go down than up we need to choose whether the easier way is the way we want to go. For if we take the harder of the paths it may be hard to do, now but when you reach the destination it is all worth it.

I wrote this back in grade ten or eleven, most likely a little stoned at the time. It was my attempt at philosophy before I really knew what philosophy was. I'm not editing this as I prefer not to edit my old works, if I have more to say on the subject I will simply start over with a new page.

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