Dec 14 2008 - Feb 24 2015

Hamtaro's Sleeping Habits: 2008-12-14

Hamtaro has changed his sleeping habits a bit. He has stopped sleeping in his home and taken up residence in his outhouse. He has placed a ton of tissues into his outhouse and has began storing food in there and in the tubes nearby. Now hamsters like to poop right in front of their home to mark their territory, Hamtaro has continued in this proud tradition and you can see his tubes filling up with poop and pee, no matter how often we clean up after him. We believe it's because winter has come and his house has gotten colder in his cage, since it's right next to the wall. We have since placed towels underneath the cage, and it seems to have gotten a lot warmer, only thing is now Hamtaro doesn't want to go back, he uses his house as food storage and still sleeps in his outhouse.

Remmy and Rommy are doing fine, Remmy has grown quite a bit, Rommy seems to be staying small, but both seem healthy. It's cute to come home and see all of them running at once, as if in competition with one another. Peter is doing fine, though I think he's lonely, haven't seen him run on his wheel in a few days, but pretty sure he still does. Can't wait to get them all their Christmas presents.

I have made some updates to me Green Glass Door/Red Plastic Window. It now includes a database, to make the sentences that much more confusing. I'd say how it works, but don't want to spoil the game anywhere on my site. I hope it makes the game that much more popular, now it has depth, or should I say it's deep.

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