Nov 04 2008 - Dec 16 2013

Halloween Party Recap: 2008-11-04

Updates are going to be further apart, as I'm not updating the cooking section as much as I was, or even nearly as much as I was. Putting every recipe I make up was getting tedious and didn't add too much I think, especially without pictures. If I'm going to put recipes up I'd like to have pictures to go with them, and such the chances of that are pretty much nil, not going to happen. I will keep adding to the section, and I'll try to add pictures as well, but don't count on it. Don't even get me started on my writing, I am really good at putting it off sadly.

Halloween party was alright. Didn't get too drunk, had fun. I went as Freddy Krueger again this year. Baker managed to get out of my grasp as he insisted on bicycling home, really would of preferred to give him a ride home instead (and by that I mean Diana or her parents). Played some video games, watched Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors (first one), and generally had fun. The silly string was also really fun, should of gotten more, though need to try to avoid aiming at the head, as people tend to get it in their mouths. Never ran out of the hard stuff, though the coolers were gone rather quickly. I still really suck at Guitar Hero, but stopped trying a while ago. The basement looked amazing, with the black lights going amazingly well with the white cobwebs hanging everywhere, they gave off such a nice eerie glow. I wish I took more pictures of the decorations, since we spent hours on them, but only got 12 pictures taken, all of people, I guess next year I'll remember to get the scenery.

School is going well, managed to pass my Garde Manger practical, though it took two tries. I was horribly under prepared for the practical, combined with a lack of sleep and I didn't even finish. Luckily for me Chef was kind and let me take it again two days later. After a new outline and a really decent ammount of sleep I managed to pass, with time to spare. I learned from this, I need to be really prepared, and I need to make more notes during class, something which I've started to do. I am also going to try to keep ahead of my reading, and devoting more time to studying. Started basic food prep in the hot kitchen, it's nice, he is a lot more hands off than the previous Chef, we have to figure out how to do stuff ourselves. First few days were bad for me, but now I think I'm really getting good at it, I feel a lot more confident in his class than I did the previous, he makes me feel more sure of myself, not less. I wonder how this will affect my practical.

Work has gone through a "menu change", with a lot of items simply being re-arranged, re-portioned, or taken off, and a few new things added. For example all sandwiches no longer get 2 tomatoes but 1, but the burgers get 2 pickles, though I hear it's 1 pickle now as our FPM continues to try to control food cost. Also the BBQ sauce on the supreme burgers is now placed on top of the cheese instead of the bun. The thing that irks me is that everything is word of mouth, posters have been put up, but any changes to the posters are word of mouth. For example the chicken tender melt is supposed to have 3 pieces of cheese, but word of mouth from someone, passing it on from the FPM, is that it's now 2. Also for the same sandwich it went from 3 tomatoes, to 2 to none in a week, and at times it's become confusing how we are supposed to make things, since some people are on a different word of mouth than others (haven't not heard the latest news I assume). As of right now, whenever I come in to work someone always tells me to make what I'm making a different way, either because they're behind or they've just heard new changes today. I would really like it if all changes were listed on the posters, or a notice on the wall, or maybe when he's made up his mind have a staff meeting and let everyone know at the same time, otherwise we lose consistency and food keeps coming out different.

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