Jul 11 2023 - Jul 11 2023

Hair: 2023-07-11

Meant to post this back in May.

So decided on the big hair trim. First the beard was scaled back and now couple of months later I have lost my luscious locks. Not sure when I will grow them back, I definitely miss them, but it is nice not having to put all the work and time in.

I loved when I braided my hair and my beard, when I would do different looks, my pirate theme, have bells and beads in my beard.

Always felt the best when my hair was braided back. Felt I had lot more options how I wanted to look. Could wear it down, straighten it, have it just naturally curly and loose. Could tie it back or wear my head scarf. Plus I liked defying gender norms as I feel men/women/people can have long hair, wear dresses, do whatever they want. That gender is just a label, that no one fits into, and just wear what you want and be who you want to be. There are lots of labels, man, woman, gay, straight, autistic, ADHD, and there can sometimes be comfort in finding something to identify with, at same time I don't like labels as they can come with expectations and at end of it all i, or anyone, can be perfectly labelled. I could always cut it as well just to not such extremes. There was a casting call for extras next week, I kind of regret not going for, but it was only 14 an hour, but could be fun and different. They were looking for long haired males for a concert vibe. I knew I was never going to do it though, it was very interesting and I'd love to do different things sometimes, odd jobs, than being in a kitchen all the time. With the hair cut now though there is no option.

I was getting tired of it always being in my face, passing out with the hair tie in and giving me headaches, back of my head hurting. It was annoying for work always tying it up and putting it away, could never let it out or be fun. The washing and combing, took a lot of time to maintain even if I didn't do much with it, so it is nice to be a bit more efficient, get ready a little quicker, get ready at work a bit quicker.

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