Apr 20 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Free Comedy Club Tickets: 2008-04-20

So yesterday I went to Rumours Comedy Club with Diana and AJ, Will was going to come but couldn't make because he had to work late. I got the tickets free again from work, seems to be a monthly thing so hope to get some tickets next month as well. The comedian was great, I loved his voice, it was that perfect high comedian voice. The burger I ate was alright, but the bull chips were horrible, they were overcooked and tasteless, I had to cover them in ketchup to eat them, and I still didn't want to finish them. The drinks were ok, I had four drinks, and until I hit the Bartender's Root Beer I didn't find anything I thoroughly enjoyed. It seemed to me to be a mix of root beer and root beer schnapps. The waitress was really nice, especially after AJ seemed to get a little drunk, it was kind of funny as she kept apologizing for giving him so much to drink. All in all a great night.

I got Ebichu a new noiseless wheel the other day. She seems to really be enjoying it and the night I got it for her she ran a lot more than usual, and she ran non stop, she usually stops and jumps off the wheel and back on, but with the new wheel she just ran steady. There are no holes in the wheel like the blue one, but there are nicks for her to catch on and be able to run, also this is nice because she won't get her little tiny feet stuck in the wheel. This does create a problem though as she tends to poop as she runs, and she ends up running in her poop, which I think is kind of gross. So now I clean the wheel on a daily basis so it's nice and clean for her when she does run. Another problem is even though the wheel no longer squeaks, the cage tends to rattle A LOT when she runs really fast, so much so it's still hard for me to sleep, which isn't that good at all. Now I hope I've found a solution, I've put a few encyclopedias on top of the cage to help hold it down, I guess I'll see how it works tonight.

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