Feb 14 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Facebook Free: 2008-02-14

I am finally Facebook free, I have decided to deactivate my account. Now since one cannot just delete the account and have all your information erased I went step by step erasing everything, except the gifts I gave, and my email which seems impossible to get rid of, I then deleted the account.

It seems to me that the amount of time I spent checking Facebook for updates that could be used for something more important, like writing, was just not worth it. I pretty much just dismissed the updates by this point, and was just looking for applications to block. By the time I removed my account I had over 300+ blocked applications. I realized that if the only reason I'm on Facebook is to stop myself from not seeing things, the best thing to do was probably to stop looking at Facebook altogether, now since I can't trust myself to keep the account and not use it, I had to delete.

I think I'm going to miss it, or rather I think I'm going to go through withdrawal. There seems to be some addicting feature about feeling connected to everyone, being a part of the whole sort to speak, but as I got tired of being a part, I deleted more and more applications and left more and more groups. The high I got off of it just didn't work for me anymore, wasn't even a high anymore, it was reduced to a satisfaction. It is the kind of satisfaction that an OCD person gets when they are finally finished washing their hands for the 7th time, you didn't really want to do it, but it's just glad to be over and done with. That's how it felt when I checked Facebook nowadays, didn't really want to be there but I just couldn't leave all those applications unblocked, or status updates unread. Also Facebook has a way to play off of Nostalgia, but you can only be nostalgic for so long, and I have added everyone that I have wanted to add from my past, so in that part it has served it's purpose.

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