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I lost my Hannah when she was 5, she was taken from me before I knew what was happening; before I could react. It took her mother as well, and the whole world changed after that. My world was shattered, I was happy before, and then I saw things and people for what they truly were. I knew the truth then, that the world was wrong, that it was horrible and wrong. I missed my daughter terribly.

The eerie thing was even though she was gone I kept seeing her. Sometimes in the mall, sometimes in the street, sometimes I would be on the bus and she would walk on and I would just stare. I watched as she grew older and older; and then I couldn't take it anymore. How dare these lies of parents get to have her, when she was mine by right?! I loved her, she was mine, I took care of her, I changed her diapers, I loved her mother. I was a good father, and she was my baby girl, and she was taken from me so quickly. She didn't deserve that, she deserved to be with me. She belonged to me, these other people didn't deserve her, they stole her from me, somehow they took her from me!

So I took her back and kept her safe. I did what needed to be done. I locked her in a room to keep her from the monsters that would steal her away from me again. No TV, no electronics, no radio, I couldn't let her know about the lies they would say about her, they would try to steal her from me again, when she was mine. I had to protect her, I did what I had to do. She couldn't leave, she had to stay where I needed her to stay, I had to scare her into staying for her own good, or else the monsters would get her, and who knows what they were doing to her, they already changed her name on me. Took her earliest memories of me away, but luckily I can fix that, I can help her see the truth, as long as the monsters can't get to her and fill her head with lies. She was still my daughter.

It wasn't over though, it never is. They were still taunting me, trying to trick me. I kept seeing her everywhere when I went out still. She was still on the bus, she would still be on the mall, sometimes I would still even pass her on the street. I wouldn't let them get to me though, I would keep everyone of her safe, in her own little safe room. My daughter, my precious Hannah, would be safe, I'd make sure of that. I'd have to make sure they all stay in their safe rooms, but that got easier and easier; I perfected the lies I needed to tell. I told her about the monsters, not the real monsters, she wouldn't understand, I told her about the other monsters, the ones that made it unsafe to go outside. The awful things they would do to people they found, and I mixed a little truth in the stories to make them that much scarier, and to make sure she would never leave. I would put on protective gear before leaving, because the air was dangerous I told her. I would take it off before actually leaving though, as I didn't want the abominations to notice me. I told her stories about the way the world was when I was young and naive to keep her entertained. I had to make her happy as well as scare her, because although I needed her safe I also needed her to feel safe, and know that I am her father and I do what I do for her.

I had so many daughters, they were all Hannah, though none of them had her name, I called her what she wanted to be called, it made it easier; easier to keep her safe and easier for her to realize I'm her real father and not those creatures that took her from me and tried to hide her from me. And if those monsters that call themselves her parents get in our way and try to keep us apart, I'll do what needs to be done again. She was, she is my daughter, and she is safe.


I came home from an outing, visiting my other daughters and getting supplies. I looked around the apartment, what she thought of as her house, in the various rooms and she was gone. I couldn't find her anywhere, I checked her room and some of her things were gone as well as all the food and supplies I left behind. I was angry, and scared. I had to find her fast before those monsters got to her. If they found her they might figure me out, and then all of my daughters would be in danger. I had to keep Hannah safe, every one of her.

I think back on the night before and how she confronted me about that coke can. It was stupid of me, just last month I was telling her about how wonderful pop was, but that there was none left. I tried to tell her I found it and was saving it as a surprise, but somehow I think she was seeing through me, through the shield I threw around her, maybe for the first time starting to doubt I was really her father, to question everything. I knew she was starting to doubt the lies, but there was nothing I could do; I figured it would still be a while before she tried anything, but she moved so quick, she left me so quickly. I still trusted in her, I still believed my little girl would stay inside. My baby girl, I thought love and fear would keep her inside, keep her mine, but I was wrong. I only had enough protective gear for me, I always assumed that fear would keep her inside, keep her safe, keep her mine.

My Hannah who called herself Robyn was always special, she was the only one of my girls to come to me first, she recognized me, not as her father at first, but at least someone that can be trusted. When she told me what her monsters doing doing to her, her so-called parents, I kept her safe, I saved my daughter. It's been so long though, and she's gotten so old that she's starting to show just how special she is again. She was always asking so many questions when I would tell her my stories, sometimes I would slip up and let her know something I didn't want her to know, sometimes she would catch me in a lie and I'd have to tell her I have a bad memory, and things have changed so much I don't know what's what anymore. I just wish she was still my little girl, and she would have just stayed inside where she was safe, where I can love her and protect her. Now I have to go find her, before something happens; I have to hurry and get her back home where I can keep a watchful eye on her.

I found her by the river, trying to wash herself. I came to her slowly, like she was a deer that I didn't want to frighten. I talked softly, trying to reassure her. I came close to her, and we embraced, and as I tried to pick her up to take my little girl home she attacked. There was a small struggle and very quickly my head was in the water.

I let her win the fight, I realize that as she drowns me in the river. I didn't want to live in this world anymore; it wasn't worth it. I just regret I didn't tell her the truth about the monsters I protected her from, the horror of what they really are. I know now that Hannah Robyn is special, maybe she'll survive without me. Now I can be with my daughter, just plain Hannah, and my wife.


Robyn left the river bank, lost and unsure of where to go. The man who kept the world from her, her supposed father, was gone, was was free now. She wandered the street for a while before making her way into a shopping center. As she was talking to the clerk, asking for help, for shelter, he began to sniff the air. She thought he was strange at first, and then he started to sniff her, aggressively. At first she thought she must stink compared to all of these clean people and felt ashamed, but then the way he was looking and sniffing made her feel afraid. A deep fear that ran right into the core of her being. She could feel her heart start to pump faster, her muscles go on edge, urging her to run. Everything seemed to start to slow down, every second felt like a day. She never knew fear like this, it was energizing, and yet horribly terrifying.

She turned to run but he grabbed her shoulder. As she turned back she saw him open his mouth, and rows of fangs began to appear. Moving so quickly she couldn't react, even with the fear coursing through her, trying to help her survive. She fell down and he bent over her, to devour her, to feast on her flesh. She screamed and other creatures began to join in on the feast, patrons and clerks of the store; surrounding her, she couldn't breathe anymore. Very quickly Robyn was trapped and no more; taken by the same horrors that took Hannah and her mom.

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Ryan - 2014-11-08 12:03:03:

Note that after this was written we decided to rename Edgar to Ben, short for Benjamin, as it seemed a better name.

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