Aug 25 2008 - Aug 11 2013

Ebichu's First Dragonfly: 2008-08-25

Well I was reading that hamsters like to eat crickets, grasshoppers, dragonflys, even spiders. Now I wouldn't give Ebichu a spider, I'd be too afraid it would bite her, and I don't really want to pick up a spider anyway. Well today I was doing a little weeding and I found a dragonfly in a bucket of water by the garden, it's wings were soaked and it couldn't get out, so I let it out. However upon closer inspection, and I don't know if I did this or it was already like this, it was missing one of it's wings. So I decided to let it dry off and see if it could still fly, it couldn't of course. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to let Ebichu get a bit of mix in her diet, her diet right now consists of these food blocks, donuts, drops (used to be fieldberry, but juts one out so get them honey now), and a hamster bar (get a different one every time they finish the old one off).

So I gave her the dragonfly, just dropped it right in her cage. At first she didn't really notice it, more interested in my presence. Then she saw it moving and went right for it, gobbling it up as quick as she could. She ended up eating everything but the wings. She seemed to enjoy the treat, and I hope to get something for Hamtaro soon as well.

EDIT: I gave Hamtaro his first dragonfly as well. His reaction was slightly different, rather than kill it quickly, he backed away from it a few times, almost like he was scared of it. Eventually he went in and killed it with one quick bite. Rather than eating it straight out, he searched his tubes, where it was hiding by, cautiously, as if there might be another intruder in his home. He then went back to the dead dragonfly and preceded to devour it, I guess it's good they're getting some protein in their diet now. Also during this time Ebichu was frantically digging at the place where she killed her dragonfly, as if searching for more of it. She seems to have eaten the wings now, or at least moved them, because I can't find them anymore.

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