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Ebichu: My First Pet Hamster: 2008-04-17

A week ago, on the tenth I went to the pet store and got my first pet hamster. I got a dwarf hamster, and named her Ebichu after Ebichu from the anime. She is mostly tan and light brown, with a light brown strip down her back, and a white underside. Diana helped pick her out, and she paid for a lot of the hamster stuff. The first hamster that we wanted actually bit Diana, so we decided on one that doesn't bite and we absolutely love her. She has been taking up my time, along with school and work, so I haven't had much time for this site. I have actually found out a bit about me, as I tend to really over worry about Ebichu, which leads to over spending (I still want to buy her a squeak free wheel, a maze, a second cage, another playmate, to be kept in the second cage). Diana has been a little jealous about all the attention I have been spending on Ebichu, but Ebichu is new and I just want to make sure she's going to be happy, and I like to think I am getting better and will soon stop worrying so much.

I had gotten the cage earlier and some tubing and over the last week I have bought her various supplies including more tubing, a wheel (I think the squeaking bothers her, she doesn't run on it as much now that it started squeaking, and I know the squeaking bothers Diana and I), more food and straw, a second yellow food dish (first one being blue) to make it easier to change her food daily, a playpen, a Brita water filter (I don't really like the tap water in my house, so why would I let Ebichu drink it?), an outhouse, a loop, and a bendable log stack.

I have entered a contest to win some more hamster stuff at Sheylara. I hope to win something, I found her site through Google while trying to find out info about hamster care.

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